Extended side angle pose in yoga
CounterFlow Yoga
Summer N. Sides, M.S.

What is CounterFlow Yoga? Where did it come from?

Get an inside look at how CounterFlow Yoga came to be, plus geek out a bit on the science behind the class (with a blend of exercise science, sport psychology, and yoga asana it’s a lot of fun!).

Reasons Why Yoga Is Great for Men with Back Pain
Daniel Singleton

The 8 Reasons Why Yoga Is Great for Men with Back Pain

Research has shown the benefits of yoga for back pain relief. Yet, many men are still reluctant to give it a chance. Hear from a guy why dudes should take the chance and try yoga for healing their pain.

Indoor Cycle
Summer N. Sides, M.S.

5 Benefits of Yoga for Cyclists

Through the practice of yoga, cyclists can decrease muscular imbalances, which improves riding abilities and reduces injury. Here are 5 benefits of a yoga practice for cyclists.

Lauren George, M.S.

Tips for Using Music in Yoga Classes

Many people love having a soothing and instrumental soundtrack for a yoga class. For others, try using non-traditional yoga music to motivate participants.

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