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Is Social Media Killing the Fitness Professional?

Prologue Let me preface this article by telling you that I love social media. I spend more hours than I should every day on Instagram, I probably talk to more people through Facebook every day than I talk to in person, and Pinterest is one of my favorite ways to

Marketing Your Group Ex Classes: What Is Your Fitness Brand

Recently I wrote an article sharing some of the lessons I have learned as a non-fitness professional and how I think they can relate to what you do. There was one topic that I wanted to expand on, and that was the idea that each and every one of you

Social Media Tips and Tricks for Fitness Professionals

As a fitness professional, we all wear many hats, such as: Instructor Employee Leader Contractor Boss Therapist Accountant Sales manager But the hat we wear most of all is busy, and these are all hats we were professionally, not including those from our private lives. We are busy and our