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3 Tips for Motivating Small Group Fitness Classes

Whether it be the beauty of the outdoors or the craziness of the holiday season, inevitably there will be times when group fitness class attendance starts to dwindle. When this happens instructors start to question their skills or fear management cutting classes – because class sizes have always been the

My Problem With Your Fitness Motivation

Warning : More than a few cuss words sprinkled around some honestyI just can’t take it anymore. I can’t take one more “fitspiration” screen shot sent to me or instagram photo tagged with my name. Let’s be honest : This shit sucks. “But Jessica, you teach fitness. Don’t you want

Is Social Media Killing the Fitness Professional?

Prologue Let me preface this article by telling you that I love social media. I spend more hours than I should every day on Instagram, I probably talk to more people through Facebook every day than I talk to in person, and Pinterest is one of my favorite ways to

Motivation vs. Discipline and the Onslaught of Burnout

I would like to look at Motivation Monday through a different lens. I say this because I am writing this Monday Motivation article as a person that at one time was very motivated. I was able to motivate myself, my teams of group ex instructors, and classes full of students.

14 Pearls of Wisdom for the Indoor Cycling Instructor

Most would agree that Dr. Seuss rocks. The brilliance of his wisdom is not limited to any particular age, and can be applied across all aspects of our lives. What can we as indoor cycling instructors learn from his words? Here are a few of my favorite Dr. Seuss quotes