Jane Needs a Mentor – Tips for New Instructors

Meet “Jane”, a new group-fitness instructor. Read her story and consider what she needs to thrive in her new role. Jane loves her Pilates class, so she decides to take the upcoming “Pilates 101” certification. She is led to believe that at the end of her “certification,” she will be

GX Managers: Get Your New Instructors Team Teaching

As fitness directors, one of the hardest parts of our jobs is finding and recruiting new instructors. The problem is that we want great instructors. Instructors that are highly motivated, certified, creative, invested in the success of our facility, and care about their students. When I started out as a

5 Reasons Why Finding a Mentor Could Make ALL the Difference

Megan Lynch is a guest blogger for GXunited, and has over 10 years of experience in management, teaching, and personal training. When I started in the Fitness Industry over a decade ago, I was thrown into the world of personal training and group exercise in such a manner I felt