Stop Learning Exercise Technique from YouTube

I often walk into a club and watch trainers and instructors leading exercises that look and feel “made up” and I wonder, “where are they getting their fitness education?”. Many instructors and trainers use common sense when training their clients, but all too often, I see people teaching exercises that

Take Your Education Beyond the 1-Day “Certification” Workshop

The Office of Admissions at Oregon State University states, “For teachers and other education professionals, having a broad and comprehensive base of knowledge is vital. If you are a group-fitness instructor (GFI), than you are also a TEACHER. Specifically, you are a fitness teacher. Check out these similarities: A classroom

How to Coach Visual Learners

You are watching a sporting event and you see one of the participants “roll” their ankle; you flinch with sympathy. You see someone smile, you feel the need to smile back or at least consider smiling. You wave at a baby and if the baby knows how, he or she

Host a Private Group Fitness Certification

Intro from Summer – I wanted to butt in quickly before I let Jess chat on hosting private trainings and give you a little background information.  If you’ve been following GXunited for some time now, you know that we value education, exercise science research, and believe group exercise classes need

4 Reasons Fit Pros Need to Understand Exercise Science

Science is key. A good group exercise class is about more than walking around and telling participants to do more reps, learn the science to ensure classes have focus and purpose. How many times in the last year have you heard someone say “I hurt myself while doing _____________(insert fitness

I’m an Exercise Scientist NOT Nutrition Scientist

I recognize that nutrition is a HUGE component to a well-rounded performance program, and for many that this is their pitfall (often myself included). I understand that people want nutritional advice from their favorite fitness professional as they assume we have it all together or know 100% what we should

How To Get The Most From Your Next Fitness Conference

Fitness conferences can be a great way to learn, earn CECs and connect with fellow fitness professionals. You receive new ideas and are kept abreast on the latest research and innovation in the industry. You leave filled with information that will help keep your classes fresh while delivering results to