Wondering How to Become a Group Exercise Instructor?

In my opinion (and probably many other contributors here on GXunited), teaching group fitness classes is one the best jobs around! We get to connect with clients on a daily basis, help them reach their fitness goals, learn new choreography, create great playlists, and do something we are passionate about

Remember What it Feels Like to Be a Beginner: Inside My Story

I was humbled this past week by a friend and fitness colleague who made a comment that implied I was no longer in touch with those just getting into the industry and had forgotten what it was like to be new to learning and teaching. One comment specifically stood out to

5 Tips to Create Your Own Fit Pro Career Path

I like the idea of sharing where we started as fitness professionals. I have been asked (so many times) where, when, and how do you get started in this insane industry. I understand the need to have a reference point for people who want to begin teaching group fitness. But

We All Start Somewhere…The JeffFitnessPro Story

Where I Started….. the jefffitnesspro Story Little did I know, that way back when, when I was fashioning some sort of life mission to embark on, that fitness would become the catalyst for my life quest! So many seek and search for a career and perspective that quenches a thirst

5 Reasons Why Finding a Mentor Could Make ALL the Difference

Megan Lynch is a guest blogger for GXunited, and has over 10 years of experience in management, teaching, and personal training. When I started in the Fitness Industry over a decade ago, I was thrown into the world of personal training and group exercise in such a manner I felt

I’m a Certified Group Exercise Instructor…Now What?

You attended your first training and now you are eager to share your passion, enthusiasm and expertise with a real live class. But how do you take what you’ve learned at a one-day training or from your studies preparing for your certification and land your first job?  Whether you are