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Primary Group Fitness Certifications

Primary Group Fitness Certifications

Make an informed decision when registering for a Primary Group Fitness Instructor Certification with this comprehensive directory of available courses.

Want to Teach Group Fitness???

Start with your Primary Group Fitness Instructor Certification.

While we know that many gyms will allow you to teach without a Primary Group Fitness Certification, that doesn’t mean you should. But before you can think about sitting for a certification exam, you’ve got to pick out which company you want to get certified through. Since group fitness is a non-licensed and non-regulated industry, you’ve currently got 12 companies that offer primary group fitness certifications in the US.

But not all primary group fitness certification exams are created equal…

NCCA credentials and USREPS affiliations are the closest we currently have to setting any standards for educational requirements for instructors and trainers.

Currently in the group fitness space there are only 3 nationally recognized certifications. Each of these certifications have obtained the status of being an NCCA accredited certification. NCCA is an unbiased agency that reviews the curriculum of exams, establishes professional standard guidelines, and ensures the test administration and scoring is fair and unbiased.

Yes, that means the other 9 are not nationally recognized and do not have to meet specific standards in regards to educational quality or professionalism.

The choice is yours…

*Disclosure: All company descriptions are adapted from the company websites or social media profiles (so don’t judge us on how they’re written). Additionally, some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, GXunited will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase.

NCCA Certifications

NCCA Accreditation

The following companies offer NCCA Accredited Group Fitness Certifications. Per NCCA requirements, each certification is earned by successfully passing a computer-based exam. Study is completed on your own time. Each company offers different options for study tools and resources. Check with each individual company for specifics on the certification program.

1.   American Council on Exercise | Group Fitness Instructor Certification

NCCA Accredited | USREPS Affiliated Company

The ACE Group Fitness Instructor Certification will give you the knowledge to design and teach any class better, lead all fitness levels more effectively, and deliver experiences your participants will never forget.

Learn More about ACE Certification

2.   Athletics and Fitness Association of America | Group Exercise Instructor Certification

NCCA Accredited

AFAA’s Primary Group Exercise Certification is designed to equip those seeking to become certified as group exercise instructors with the competencies needed to design safe and effective group exercise programming for the general healthy population.

Learn More about AFAA Certification

3.   National Exercise Trainers Association | Primary Group Fitness Certification

NCCA Accredited

Created for those interested primarily in leading exercise in a group setting, NETA’s Group Exercise Instructor Certification is one of only three in America that have earned NCCA accreditation. Our curriculum is continuously updated to keep you on the cutting edge of the fitness industry, promote safe and effective teaching strategies, and help you develop the critical skills required to become an effective group exercise instructor.

Learn More about NETA Certification

Unaccredited Certifications

Unaccredited Certifications

The following companies offer unaccredited Primary Group Fitness certifications. As these are non-regulated we encourage you to check with your gym and see if they accept them for employment.

1.   American College of Sports Medicine | Certified Group Exercise Instructor Certification

USREPS Affiliated Company

ACSM Certified Group Exercise Instructors (GEI) are familiar and flexible with various exercise techniques, and can supervise participants or lead instructional sessions.

Learn More about ACSM Certification

2.   American Fitness Professionals & Associates | Group Exercise Instructor Certification

The AFPA Group Exercise Instructor Certification is designed to teach those that are looking to instruct group fitness oriented classes – aerobics, bootcamp, sport conditioning, step, circuit, muscle conditioning, interval and other group exercise modalities.

Learn More about AFPA Certification

3.   AAAI-ISMA Fitness | Primary Aerobic Instructor Certification

The AAAI-ISMA Primary Aerobics (Group Fitness) Instructor Certification is designed to help participants understand knowledge as it pertains to the teaching of group based exercise classes. Participants will review: proper group fitness components (warm up, aerobic exercise, flexibility exercise, strength exercise, cool down), utilization of the F.I.T.T. principle, proper biomechanics, safety, heart rate training techniques, anatomy, and training principles. Also, reviewed during the course is group fitness teaching strategies and the incorporation of music, tempo, cueing technique, safe transitional movements, and rhythm.

Learn More about AAAI-ISMA Certification

4.   Interactive Fitness Trainers of America | Group Exercise Certification

IFTA is a certification and continuing education company established to provide potential instructors with the basic education and practical skills necessary to become qualified fitness leaders.

Learn More about IFTA Certification

5.   International Sports Conditioning Association | Group Exercise Instructor Certification

The ISCA Group Exercise Instructor Certification course is specifically designed to help fitness professionals develop the necessary knowledge and skills to become a successful group exercise instructor. Course content includes both theoretical and practical information including exercise principles and guidelines, program design, safety, and training techniques in the areas of instruction, cueing, the use of music, and choreography.  The training includes hands-on practical sessions to practice leadership and instructional skills, and requires passing a written exam to receive ISCA Group Exercise Instructor Certification.

Learn More about ISCA Certification

6.   National Association for Fitness Certification | Group Fitness Instructor Certification

With the NAFC Group Fitness program, learn to choose and include music to make your classes exciting! Learn the benefits of aerobic training, choreography techniques and cueing/teaching skills. You will also learn about pre-choreographed aerobic fitness programs and the newest trends in group aerobic fitness.

Learn More about NAFC Certification

7.   National Fitness Professionals Association | Group Fitness Instructor Certification

The NFPA Group Fitness Instructor Certification will give you the tools to earn techniques in choreography, class development, teaching skills, as well as exercise science, kinesiology, and sports nutrition. Develop the skills in designing and implementing exercise programs for all fitness levels, while learning the communication skills, leadership and motivational instruction needed to be a successful Instructor.

Learn More about NFPA Certification

8.   SCW Fitness Education | Group Exercise Instructor Certification

The SCW Group Exercise Instructor Course provides the perfect blend of practical and theoretical teaching techniques for those who desire to become successful Group Exercise Instructors.

Learn More about SCW Certification

9.   World Instructor Training Schools | Group Fitness Instructor Certification

Experience a comprehensive group fitness exercise course like no other with the WITS Group Fitness Instructor Certification Course! Whether you choose the 6 or 9 weeks of LIVE intensive training, this unique program will help you to develop skills for leading a group exercise class. The program will include lecture that encompasses learning essential aspects of the human body and their effects from exercise. The live hands on in-person practical lab demonstrations will bring to life the qualities of a good, safe group exercise leader.

Upon completion of this course, you will be provided with a National Group Fitness Certification Level 1. Even more, this certification can help your career, add variety to clients, and increase your value and ultimately your income. Furthermore, this certification will enable you to provide clients with variety in their exercise routines, in addition to increasing your value and marketability in the field, which will increase your income. As a result of these features, this course is all about active participation.

Learn More about WITS Education

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