Spend less time planning classes

Creating new workouts and class plans is fun, but can be super time-consuming. So why not create one workout plan that you can do over and over again with just small tweaks?!

Yes, that’s right! The GXu Remix Formula is a programming hack that will cut down the time you spend writing new classes and give you a full library of remixes!

GXu Remix is here to help you spend less time planning classes and more time teaching them!

The idea is simple, write a base class and then create remixes!!

The GXu Remix Formula at a Glance

We know programming is complex, and there is so much we can dive in to (and we will, don’t worry!); but for now, here is a general overview of the GXu Remix Formula and how you can use this programming hack to develop purposeful and well designed workout experiences.

GXu Remix: A Programming Hack from GXunited 1

Set a goal

What’s the purpose of the class? What do you want your participants to achieve?
GXu Remix: A Programming Hack from GXunited 3

Pick Exercises

Select 8-10 exercises that help you achieve the primary class goal.

GXu Remix: A Programming Hack from GXunited 5


Once you outline your base class, you can then mix it up with unlimited variations!

GXu Remix: A Programming Hack from GXunited 7

First you write a goal for the workout

Setting a goal for a workout is like putting your end destination into your GPS in order for Google Maps to find the best route for you to go. Without a clear end point, you’re just wandering around looking at pretty destinations and cool things..

Your class goals should be specific and include an objective that participants will achieve by the end of the class.

There are lots of ways you can set up class goals, but keep it simple by only picking just one goal for each class. A few ways you can create goals are: focus on muscle challenges, movement patterns, physiological adaptations, skill or technique development, or mental focus challenges.

Then you pick your exercises

Your options are endless when it comes to picking exercises, and there are lots of things to consider (like the format of your class, who’s in class, and the amount of space you have), but the top question to ask yourself is….Will you focus on muscle or movement???

Here at GXunited we are strong believers in movement pattern training, so all the examples you’ll see from us focus on using this as our means of exercise selection. However, you do what feels right for you!

Learn more about functional movement patterns here and stay tuned for so much more to come in the GXunited Academy about movement pattern training!

GXu Remix: A Programming Hack from GXunited 9
GXu Remix: A Programming Hack from GXunited 11

Now outline your base class

As we learned back in high school english class, everything starts with a good outline!! In order to create remixes, we have to have that original plan. There are 6 key elements we must identify for our base class in order to create unlimited variations in our remixes!

  1. Equipment
  2. Exercise Selection Manipulations
  3. Training Focus
  4. Drill Patterns
  5. FITT Selection
  6. Music
Once you’ve written all these variations down in your GXu Remix Planning Template, you can then write your actually class plan! Whew, it seems like it took forever to get to this step, right!? The truth is it does take a little bit of time to plan out the original base class, but once you’ve done that, creating the remixes is super easy.

Write your base class plan

Here’s where you get to take the outlines and planning that you’ve done and put it to action using the ABC’s of program design.

  • Active Dynamic Warm-Up: prepare the body for the workout ahead with (15-20% of class time)
  • Body of Class: now it’s time to work your body using your drill patterns, equipment options, and all your coaching power!
  • Cool-Down: calm the mind and body and get ready to return to the real world without injury risk
GXu Remix: A Programming Hack from GXunited 13
GXu Remix: A Programming Hack from GXunited 15

Create your remixes!

When you’re first getting started with the GXu Remix Formula and Programming Hack, keep it simple. Don’t feel like you need to change all the elements for each remix. A simple change to the drill pattern or equipment really will make the workout feel like a totally new experience. 

As you can see in the class plan examples (inside the GXu Remix Workbook) and experience in GXu Remix Series 1: Pure Strength (available on GXunited.TV), when you use the GXu Remix Formula all the workouts come from the same foundations, but with just a small shift a whole new world of movement experiences opens up!

Class planning should be fun, quick, and effective.

Anyone can throw together a couple of exercises and call it a workout, but only a true pro knows the what, why, and how behind each class they create.