less time planning.

Plan Classes 70% Faster

GXu Remix is a complete system designed for fitness professionals to slash your class planning time.


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Set a goal

What’s the purpose of the class? What do you want your participants to achieve?
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Pick Exercises

Select 8-10 exercises that help you achieve the primary class goal.

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Once you outline your base class, you can then mix it up with unlimited variations!

The GXu Remix Formula In Action

How this programming hack helps you develop purposeful and well designed workout experiences without consuming all of your time.

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First you write a goal for the workout

Setting a goal for a workout is like putting your end destination into your GPS in order for Google Maps to find the best route for you to go. Without a clear end point, you’re just wandering around looking at pretty destinations and cool things..

Your class goals should be specific and include an objective that participants will achieve by the end of the class.

There are lots of ways you can set up class goals, but keep it simple by only picking just one goal for each class. A few ways you can create goals are: focus on muscle challenges, movement patterns, physiological adaptations, skill or technique development, or mental focus challenges.

Then You Pick Your Exercises

Your options are endless when it comes to picking exercises, and there are lots of things to consider (like the format of your class, who’s in class, and the amount of space you have), but the top question to ask yourself is….Will you focus on muscle or movement???

Here at GXunited we are strong believers in movement pattern training, so all the examples you’ll see from us focus on using this as our means of exercise selection. However, you do what feels right for you!

Learn more about functional movement patterns here!

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Now Create Base Class & Remixes

Everything starts with a good outline!! In order to create remixes, we have to have that original plan. There are 6 key elements we must identify for our base class in order to create unlimited variations in our remixes!

  1. Equipment
  2. Exercise Selection Manipulations
  3. Training Focus
  4. Drill Patterns
  5. FITT Selection
  6. Music
Once you’ve written your base class, you are ready to create unlimited remixes!

The GXu Remix Formula shows you how to keep it simple. Maximizing the work you put into your base class to effectively create remixes – leading to a constant flow of creative and engaging workouts.

Class planning should be fun, quick, and effective.

If class planning is a drag, it’s time to stop starting from scratch

You deserve a system that keeps your clients engaged and coming back for more. Fresh & engaging workouts lead to happier clients and a thriving business. Download your FREE GXu Remix Formula Blueprint and start remixing your workouts today!