Generate Energy for your Next Group Exercise Class!

It’s not always easy to have the energy and motivation to lead group fitness classes. So how do you find energy well you don’t FIND energy you generate it. This video gives you the 5 things I do to create a higher level of energy when i’m just not feeling it so that I can lead engaging and effective classes.

  1. Get up whether you are seated or laying down you need to get up
  2. Move your body a little even just some bounces to get the blood flowing
  3. 10 deep breathes
  4. Drink some water
  5. Play some music have a pump up song
We would love to hear what you do to generate energy when you are feeling down. Share in the comments below!!

Generate Energy in Group Fitness Classes

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-Summer Sides,
Founder of GXunited

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Generate Energy for your Next Group Exercise Class!

by Christine Gallagher DeFilippis Time to Read: 1 min