CounterFlow Yoga
Are you ready for a dynamic moving meditation to discover your inner curiosity, creativity, and courage?
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CounterFlow Yoga is here to counter the postures & mindsets of modern living.

Each CounterFlow Yoga class is a standing movement practice infused with functional movement experiences to improve posture, balance, mobility, and strength for the 21st century human. 

Plus, growth mindset coaching allows you to become curious, creative, and courageous in your mind and body.

it's exactly what we need right now

We live in a world where people spend the majority of their day hunched over technology, sitting in a car, or lounged in front of Netflix. This has created a culture of rounded shoulders, forward necks, hunched backs, and tight hips. All this leads to poor posture and increased risk for injury

Plus our minds can become a bit like a squirrel – constantly going from one thing to the next – resulting in high levels of stress and fatigue. It’s time we counter these challenges and allow ourselves the chance to feel good.

We approach movement from the foundations of exercise science and movement pattern research

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You’ll find that inside of each CounterFlow Yoga class, flows and exercise selections don’t reflect a singular style of movement. We believe that movement is movement, and we love being inspired by the wide range of disciplines and styles of movement in the world today – including: yoga, pilates, tai chi, meditation, ballet & dance, animal & ground based movements, strength & conditioning, and physical therapy principles.

CounterFlow Yoga is designed not only to be an empowering moving meditation, but each flow is designed to improve mobility, balance, strength, and power. Moves and asanas seamlessly flow together by carefully selecting moves based on functional movement pattern research. We then craft the class by looking at how to include all planes of motion, a variety of body positions, and appropriate movements for the class based on where they live on Integrated Movement Continuum (part of the CounterFlow Movement Approach).

If you love knowing the what, why, and how behind movement, then dig deep with the below links. Or if you’re simply wanting a general overview, we’ve got that for you too!

Functional Movement Patterns

The sentiment of training movement versus muscle is the heart of functional training. This is why we strongly believe in movement pattern training based on 11 functional movement patterns, as currently identified in research by physical therapists, strength & conditioning coaches and developmental kinesiologists. 

  • Core Dominant Patterns | Roll, Plank, Crawl
  • Leg Dominant Patterns | Squat, Hinge, Gait, Lunge
  • Arm/Torso Dominant Patterns | Push, Pull, Carry, Rotate
Every CounterFlow Yoga class will include movements across all 11 movement patterns.

Planes or Directions of Motion 

Each day we move in three different directions – forward & backward, side to side, and twisting (or rotating around ourselves). In the world of anatomy, these are looked at on a 2D model and labeled as the sagittal, frontal, and transverse planes of motion.

  • Sagittal | Forward & Backward
  • Frontal | Side to Side
  • Transverse | Rotational

You’ll be sure to move in all three planes of motion multiple times throughout every CounterFlow Yoga class.

Body Positions & Levels of Movement

Digging deeper into the concept of movement patterns and a layer below planes of motions is the idea of body positions, or the levels in which you complete movement. In the simplest terms, these are low, middle, and high movements. They can be large and expansive or small and low. While there are many different body positions, we choose to focus on the following six position categories within CounterFlow Yoga.

  • Lying | Supine, Prone, Side-Lying
  • Sitting | High, Legs Crossed, Legs Extended, Single-Leg Extended
  • Quadruped | Prone, Supine
  • Kneeling | Double Knees, Staggered, Squating/Crouching
  • Standing Parallel | Neutral, Athletic Ready, Wide, Narrow
  • Standing Split | Staggered, Split, Tandem, Single-Leg

Integrated Movement Continuum

The Integrated Movement Continuum (IMC) highlights the idea that all moves are done along a continuum of development. That is, as you get better at a movement, there is always a way to progress and achieve new gains. We’ve developed three different CounterFlow Yoga programs to help you move along this continuum as best fits you each day.

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Dig deeper into exercise science concepts

Add to your library with our curated list of top reads on exercise science and movement training.

If research articles are your thing, then this bibliography style list will make you happy.

The only way to really understand CounterFlow Yoga is to just do it! Enjoy this bundle of all 3 classes.

Stand Taller.

Each standing flow opens your chests, strengths your back, and engages your core to improve your posture.

Move Easier.

Release tension in your hips, shoulders, and body through dynamic range of motion (mobility) work.

Perform Fully.

Allow your mind and body to reach maximum potentials by taking the time to focus within.

We approach coaching & mindset from the principles of sport & positive psychology

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CounterFlow Yoga empowers you to champion your mind with a moving meditation.
Each class gives you the chance to focus on your curiosity, creativity, courage, and vulnerability.

Our coaching model is based on concepts from positive psychology, growth mindset, flow state, and visualization techniques. We hope each class allows you a moment to connect within and enhance your mental wellbeing.

Positive Psychology

CounterFlow Yoga encourages you to be creative, curious, and courageous by focusing on the positive events and influences of life. With moments to smile, find joy, and move your body you are empowering your mind to find the good in life.

“Positive psychology is the scientific study of what makes life most worth living” (Peterson, 2008).

Growth Mindset

CounterFlow Yoga encourages you to have a growth mindset as you develop and grow in your movement abilities.

Carol Dwek is the leading researcher on growth mindset, and states that “individuals who believe their talents can be developed (through hard work, good strategies, and input from others) have a growth mindset. They tend to achieve more than those with a more fixed mindset (those who believe their talents are innate gifts). This is because they worry less about looking smart and they put more energy into learning.

Flow State

Flow state is something we’ve all experienced but is hard to replicate. Our goal in CounterFlow Yoga is to link the movements together in a way that your body and mind let go of the outside world and you’re fully focused within.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, who conducted much of the early research (with Jeanne Nakamura) on flow state, says “flow is being completely involved in an activity for its own sake. The ego falls away. Time flies. Every action, movement, and thought follows inevitably from the previous one…”

Visualization Techniques

Creating mental images or intentions is one of the most commonly used practices in yoga and movement. However, visualization has only been a coined term since the 1980s when Russian researchers studying Olympic athletes found those who visualized techniques experienced positive impacts on performance.

This is why CounterFlow Yoga includes many different opportunities to visualize yourself taking action, being vulnerable, and creating change.

Dig deeper into Sport Psychology concepts

Add to your library with our curated list of top reads on sport psychology & mindset topics.

See the science put to action in this
CounterFlow Yoga class that is a blend.


When was the last time you allowed yourself to be super curious? 


Allow your mind to be free to explore movement in ways that feel creative.


It takes true vulnerability to explore your limits and be courages.

More than just movement. More modern than traditional yoga asana.
CounterFlow Yoga is the next generation of mindful movement.