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Exercise & Pregnancy: 10 Tips for Group Fitness Instructors

As a group fitness instructor, the first time you encounter a pregnant women in your class you might freak out. Without the knowledge of how to work with this unique subset of women, you suggest they attend a pre or post-natal specific class and “take it easy”. While this may

3 Tips & Exercises to Empower Pregnant Moms in Group Fitness Classes

Pregnancy and Group Exercise: empowering moms-to-be in your classes I’ll be the first to admit that when I started teaching Group Exercise, I had NO CLUE what I was doing. After being in the business for over 10 years, I am still finding that I’m constantly learning new things about

Build Your Resume with Youth Fitness & Group Exercise

Are you building your fitness resume? If so, consider leading group exercise classes at a local school. You would get to work with a population who is struggling with obesity—a population who needs you now more than ever! Imagine your reward when you help an overweight child breathe better, move faster,

5 Ways to “Play First, Challenge Later” in Youth Fitness

Kids instinctively play, so let’s capitalize on this concept to hook them! If you’re interested in starting a fitness group for kids (or you already run a group), consider the most primitive need for our youngsters: the intrinsic desire to play. This means that before you encourage hard work and

Kids Fitness: Emphasize Effort, Not Achievement

“I can’t do it.” “I don’t know how to do it.” “I don’t like to do that.” These are all statements that we occasionally hear when working with kids during fitness activities. So, as group-fitness instructors, how can we best support kids when they are faced with physical challenges? To

5 Tips for a Successful Kids Dance-Fitness Club

In the beginning, I had a small mission: to provide a new dance opportunity for kids. I knew that many of my elementary students were gaga about dance but their families could NOT afford dance lessons. This motivated me to research, plan, and launch our school’s first Wildcat Dance Club,

Youth Fitness … Make it Fun!

“Childhood obesity is a huge problem in our society, so programming any form of dance, sports, or tumbling/gymnastics classes are very important to keeping our children physically fit and healthy.” ~Karol Johnston As fitness professionals, we can help battle the childhood obesity epidemic. One strategy that works with well with

Bringing Group Exercise into Schools: Dance, Strength & Yoga

If you read my article – Build Your Resume with Kids Group Exercise – then you know that 1:3 youth are obese.  As a fitness professional, it is time to start thinking about how YOU can help fix this problem. Parents – what fitness opportunities does your child’s school offer, if

Adult Recess. Making Fitness Fun!

School’s out for summer and even hardworking, stressed-out adults look forward to the fun that this season promises. As the weather and moods improve, people start to spend more time outdoors and less time in the group ex room. Even dedicated group fitness participants begin to move their workouts outside