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23 Music Resources for Group Fitness Professionals

UPDATED: June 2018 Whether you are teaching Zumba, Cycling, Strength training, Kickboxing or Yoga, music is a vital part of any group fitness class. As instructors we are constantly searching for great new songs to add to our class playlists and motivate our participants to new levels. But as fit

Let Go of the iPod and Train Your Mind!

Your Mind, Not Your Body, is Your Greatest Asset. Train It. You’re at the gym—shorts on, running shoes laced up. You’re about to hit some cardio or weights when you realize that you forgot to pack your iPod, which means you’ll have no music to get you through your workout.

Music & Exercise – Get to Know the Research

As almost any group exercise instructor will tell you, the right music is key to making the class experience the best it can be. Certainly, Destiny Child’s Survivor can make the most difficult hill in cycling class a little less impossible, cranking out some ACDC could push you right through

4 Steps for a Great Group Exercise Playlist

Create world-class experiences within each class by creating the RIGHT playlist. Besides the instructor, music can be the biggest motivator in a fitness class. Music has the ability to lift our energy levels, help us push past a wall, and aid in coordinated movements. While some classes don’t move with

Music Licensing Laws for Group Fitness Classes

As a group exercise instructor, music is essential to our way of life. We purchase and consume new music at a much faster rate than other professions. We spend a large percentage of our income on music, whether we are choosing the music on iTunes, making our own playlist on

Tips for Using Music in Yoga Classes

I love a good Enya filled yoga class as much as the next girl…..Ok, so maybe I don’t but a lot of people do. When I first started teaching aerobics years ago at my university campus recreation center, our boss strongly encouraged us to train in either yoga or water