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15 Tips from Instructors on Managing Feelings of Depression

Feeling Down, Should You Rally or Rest? According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), depression is one of the most common mental disorders, impacting an estimated 16.2 million American adults annually – that’s nearly 7% of the US population. Although common, depression is a complicated condition that can

4 Tips to Manage your Anxiety as a Fitness Entrepreneur

Guest Blog from Kelly Coulter. Originally published on KellyCoulter.com; republished with permission from Kelly. No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness – Aristotle A study from by Dr. Michael Freeman at the University of California San Francisco found that 49% of those who start a company say they

Foster a Growth Mindset in Your Group Fitness Classes

Our lives are simply an interconnected weave of unique stories that come together to shape our existence. For some, these stories are full of positive emotions and memories. For others their stories carry moments of darkness and despair. But everyone has stories; and often one’s ability in life comes down to

Let Go of the iPod and Train Your Mind!

Your Mind, Not Your Body, is Your Greatest Asset. Train It. You’re at the gym—shorts on, running shoes laced up. You’re about to hit some cardio or weights when you realize that you forgot to pack your iPod, which means you’ll have no music to get you through your workout.

5 Reasons to be a GX Participant Again

Like many group exercise instructors, my journey began as a participant. It started in high school, when I ventured out of the weight room one summer in to an athletic training group class. I was the nervous and young wallflower hiding in the back, but I loved it. Eventually I

3 Steps to Avoid Burnout as a Group Fitness Instructor

Leading group fitness classes can be demanding and can often cause burnout. In order to help keep your energy and enthusiasm high while sharing your passion and expertise with others I love sharing tools, tips, hacks and strategies for successfully leading fitness classes. These three strategies help me stay focused

Motivation vs. Discipline and the Onslaught of Burnout

I would like to look at Motivation Monday through a different lens. I say this because I am writing this Monday Motivation article as a person that at one time was very motivated. I was able to motivate myself, my teams of group ex instructors, and classes full of students.

No Longer Teaching? Are you Experiencing Grief or Depression?

When the music stops, but the beat goes on: Getting over grief and depression in group fitness. Grief is mostly associated with the death of a loved one, pet, mentor, friend, etc.  when in fact, the loss of anything important or essential to our individual existence can elicit the grief

4 Tips for Longevity as a Fitness Professional

We’re Not Super-Human! Our bodies get tired, need rest, and need fuel just like everyone else. As much as it hurts me to say, being a group ex instructor does NOT make us super-human!  It would be amazing if our group exercise certifications came with them a cape that made us

3 Tips to Avoid Burnout as a Fit Pro

Mindy Pedersen kicked off the summer discussing ways to maintain motivation in your classes, even as class numbers dwindle.  Now that summer is coming to a close, that motivation may be long gone. Did you find that the past 3 months your participants have spent more time thinking more about beaches