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Where You Lead, Will I Follow? – 4 Tips for Every Group Fitness Instructor

As a group fitness instructor, you should always be looking at how to improve and be better. It’s not enough in this field to simply get our certification and be content. Becoming the best leader is a lifelong process. There are four things that every group fitness instructor should be

25 Tips for Success as a Group Fitness Instructor from Team GXunited

Team GXunited is filled with some pretty amazing fit pros. Guys and gals who have dedicated their lives to mastering the art of exercise science, programming, and group exercise instruction. But you know what, they all started out as just ‘normal’ everyday people who wanted to inspire others through the

4 Challenges of Life as a Fit Pro

We have all had that dream. You know. You show up to teach your packed class and your music won’t play, your cycling shoes aren’t in your bag and you’re naked. In a previous post, Summer shared ways to survive those nightmares by always having your “instructor survival kit“, but

The Group Exercise Professionals Checklist

Group-Fitness Instructors: We work hard to prepare and deliver the best classes we can to our devoted participants, don’t we?! We value our participants’ dedication and work ethic, and they value our knowledge on safety and teaching strategies. It’s this trusted professional relationship that we find so rewarding! Periodically, however,

Fit Pros: Are you Eating Enough Calories?

How you’re putting yourself at risk for serious health consequences if you’re falling short. Guest Author: Timothy James Butler RD, LDSimply put, a calorie is a unit of measure for the energy we get from food and beverages. The amount of calories a person needs depends on many factors, including

What Type of Group Fit Pro are You?

Although our job title may be the same, “group exercise instructor’, each instructor brings their own personality, beliefs, and philosophies to their classes. Whether an instructor is teaching one class each week, or works full time in the fitness space, these beliefs impact their classes. During my 7 years as

Jane Needs a Mentor – Tips for New Instructors

Meet “Jane”, a new group-fitness instructor. Read her story and consider what she needs to thrive in her new role. Jane loves her Pilates class, so she decides to take the upcoming “Pilates 101” certification. She is led to believe that at the end of her “certification,” she will be

15 Tips from an Instructor’s Experience as a ClassPass Participant

In October 2016 Michael and I packed all our stuff into a POD and set off on an adventure. We took what could fit in our cars, and hit the road. Our only goals have been to (1) spend time with our family/friends, and (2) see all the National Parks.

5 Reasons to be a GX Participant Again

Like many group exercise instructors, my journey began as a participant. It started in high school, when I ventured out of the weight room one summer in to an athletic training group class. I was the nervous and young wallflower hiding in the back, but I loved it. Eventually I

3 Steps to Avoid Burnout as a Group Fitness Instructor

Leading group fitness classes can be demanding and can often cause burnout. In order to help keep your energy and enthusiasm high while sharing your passion and expertise with others I love sharing tools, tips, hacks and strategies for successfully leading fitness classes. These three strategies help me stay focused