Exercise Science

Dance Research – Let’s Geek out on the Exercise Science!

Dancers are artistic athletes, creating expression and beauty through the use of their body.  This form of athleticism requires great amounts of strength, flexibility, balance, control, endurance, and aerobic stamina. Research has shown classical ballet dancers to work at intermittent levels of 80-94% of VO2max within classes, rehearsals, and during

Is High Intensity Always Best? Heart Rate Variability & Readiness Training

I have to admit something out loud…. In order to effectively explain my programming and thoughts to clients, I draw comparisons and use metaphors. Storytelling and imagery really helps a person who may be an expert, not in the field of fitness, to grasp and understand my coaching concepts and

“What the Tuck” – Fix that Anatomy in Barre Fitness Classes

In my recent blog Let’s Challenge 3 Barre Fitness Class Misconceptions, I did not speak of the infamous “tuck” position found in some barre classes. I felt that this position shouldn’t be lumped together with other misconceptions, but rather discussed on its own. So this week, let’s investigate this position.

How to Coach Visual Learners

You are watching a sporting event and you see one of the participants “roll” their ankle; you flinch with sympathy. You see someone smile, you feel the need to smile back or at least consider smiling. You wave at a baby and if the baby knows how, he or she

Improve Posture & Reduce Lower Back Pain in Group Fitness Classes

“Stand up tall.” “Shoulders up, back, and down.” “Sit that butt down and back onto a chair” How often do you find yourself saying these cues over and over in classes in order to “fix” your participants poor posture? Do you find yourself getting annoyed when you have said it

Let’s Challenge 3 Common Barre Fitness Class Beliefs

As has been discussed in various GXunited posts, Barre fitness classes are packed right now. This is fabulous because the classes are inspiring students to new levels of fitness. However, before you jump on board to get certified and teach this popular format, it is important to be educated versus just listening to

Understanding Anatomy for Fit Pros

I’ll be the first to admit, when I was sitting in a huge lecture hall years ago trying to memorize all the different bones in the skull (there are 22 by the way), I hated anatomy. I had trouble remembering all the different bones. Muscle origins and insertions were completely incomprehensible

How to Avoid Foot Injuries in Barre Fitness Classes

Recently, I have been asked by several barre instructors why I do not believe in training participants to be in a forced arch with knees driven over the feet while pulsing rapidly for a lengthy period of time. I believe this position overly compromises the functionality of the body, thus creating a

Music & Exercise – do you know the latest research?

As almost any group exercise instructor will tell you, the right music is key to making the class experience the best it can be. Certainly, Destiny Child’s Survivor can make the most difficult hill in cycling class a little less impossible, cranking out some ACDC could push you right through

Create Scientifically Sound Indoor Cycle Classes

Cycling as an activity has been studied in great depth since 1897, when the first bicycle ergometer was invented. The inventor, Frenchman Elisée Bouny, wanted to measure a cyclist’s physical performance as exactly as possible (1). Since that time, exercise scientists have analyzed every single aspect of pedaling a bicycle