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5 Benefits of Yoga for Cyclists

The practice of yoga is about balance, connection of the mind and body, and a sense of being present in the moment. This is achieved through various poses (asanas) and breathing exercises that will benefit indoor and outdoor cycling enthusiasts in their performance, mental focus, and in training plans. Sun

3 Benefits of Barre Fitness for Runners

Where the Road Meets the Barre We often think of our typical runner and barre enthusiast as two very different type of exercisers, but really, they shouldn’t be. Barre is actually one of the best ways for runners to cross train. It offers a low impact workout (which gives runner’s

The Down and Dirty History of Barre Fitness

“It is true that everything worthwhile in life is worth working hard for, and surely it is worth a little hard work to achieve a super shapely body that works well, a body full of vitality that makes you feel happy to be alive.” -Lottie Berk Barre fitness is hot!

A Brief History of Step Aerobics

Take a minute to ask any gym-goer what their favorite class on the schedule was 15 years ago, and there is a good chance the answer will be “step aerobics!” Most will chime in about how much they used to love step and then not give it another thought as

The History of Cardio Kickboxing Classes

The cardio kickboxing workout has come and gone, (and come and gone), but what is the future of this workout? Is it destined to fade out or is it experiencing a new wave of energy and popularity? Is cardio kickboxing the new black? To gain perspective on what cardio kickboxing

5 Reasons to Get Certified to teach Water Fitness Classes

My route to water fitness was circuitous, but it is now my most prominent and successful mode of teaching. I was leading Gentle NIa and Ageless Grace at the Senior Center when my manager asked me if I had any interest in taking the SilverSneakers Splash Training so that she

“What the Tuck” – Fix that Anatomy in Barre Fitness Classes

In my recent blog Let’s Challenge 3 Barre Fitness Class Misconceptions, I did not speak of the infamous “tuck” position found in some barre classes. I felt that this position shouldn’t be lumped together with other misconceptions, but rather discussed on its own. So this week, let’s investigate this position.

Kids Fitness: Emphasize Effort, Not Achievement

“I can’t do it.” “I don’t know how to do it.” “I don’t like to do that.” These are all statements that we occasionally hear when working with kids during fitness activities. So, as group-fitness instructors, how can we best support kids when they are faced with physical challenges? To

5 Tips for a Successful Kids Dance-Fitness Club

In the beginning, I had a small mission: to provide a new dance opportunity for kids. I knew that many of my elementary students were gaga about dance but their families could NOT afford dance lessons. This motivated me to research, plan, and launch our school’s first Wildcat Dance Club,

Let’s Challenge 3 Common Barre Fitness Class Beliefs

As has been discussed in various GXunited posts, Barre fitness classes are packed right now. This is fabulous because the classes are inspiring students to new levels of fitness. However, before you jump on board to get certified and teach this popular format, it is important to be educated versus just listening to