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5 Tips for Fun Filled Dance Fitness Classes

Many group exercise instructors do not realize the full influence they can have on their students. In some cases, your class could be the best part of their day. But why? What about a group exercise class can turn that 30 or 60 minutes into the highlight of an entire

Creating Active Dynamic Warm-Ups for any Workout

How many times have you gone to a class and the instructor has you running or doing 50 jumping jacks, 50 squats, and 50 push-ups right when you walk in?  While this surely will get you warm, it also shocks the body and doesn’t properly prepare the muscles, tendons, and

Adult Recess. Making Fitness Fun!

School’s out for summer and even hardworking, stressed-out adults look forward to the fun that this season promises. As the weather and moods improve, people start to spend more time outdoors and less time in the group ex room. Even dedicated group fitness participants begin to move their workouts outside

Making a Yogi out of Anyone: 2 Flows for Any Class

I wouldn’t consider myself a ‘yogi’  my any means.  However, as a dancer, we practiced a lot of yoga poses and incorporated elements of the practice into our classes and even choreography on a regular basis.  Therefore, years ago I decided to start teaching Yoga, as a means to further enhance

Push-Ups. An Essential Exercise for Any Workout

Push-ups. Some people dread the word while others want to do 100 the minute their hands hit the floor. Love them or hate them, push-ups are essential to most group fitness classes. They are a great exercise; Push-ups are surprisingly functional, require no equipment, and tax your entire upper body

A Little Dance Choreography to Spice Up Interval Training

Perhaps you’ve already implemented all kinds of interval training into your classes in hopes of helping your participants achieve greater fitness goals in a hurry. Maybe you are already using timing apps, speed drills, intensity cues, and every proven method of interval training that the formats you currently teach allow.

5 Strategies for Quick Class Planning for Fit Pros

Teaching group exercise class can be extremely time consuming. In addition to the hour you are leading your participants through their workout, you are likely spending hours preparing. In order to teach dynamic group fitness classes that keep your students engaged you have to create class plans, come up with new