Social Media Tips and Tricks for Fitness Professionals

As a fitness professional, we all wear many hats, such as:

  • Instructor
  • Employee
  • Leader
  • Contractor
  • Boss
  • Therapist
  • Accountant
  • Sales manager

But the hat we wear most of all is busy, and these are all hats we were professionally, not including those from our private lives. We are busy and our time is precious. We don’t have a moment to waste in this business, especially on sales tactics that do not work.

We all know that social media can be utilized to bring our businesses more publicity and customers. But are you effectively using your social media accounts to ensure your sales tactics are bringing you clientele and not pushing customers to hit the “unlike” button?

Know your audience

While using social media as a marketing tool, you need to first know who your audience really is. Right now, take a moment to close your eyes and envision your dream clientele: Female or male, 25 or 55, Suburban or rural? Does this matter? Absolutely! Don’t waste your time by casting out a net that is too large. Instead use social media to help you find and target that dream audience.


Let’s look at Facebook first since it is by far the most populated social media platform with over 1 billion users. According to new studies, Facebook is slightly (very slightly) dominated by females and is currently being used more frequently by the 50-64 year old demographic, but only slightly over the 30-49 range.

Did you know that Facebook sees the most activity on Thursdays and Fridays between 1-4pm, while most products are sold on Wednesdays around 3pm? So now you know that if you dream audience member is a female who is 50 years old, you should post a “sales pitch” around Wednesdays at 3pm, but you should post content that you want comments or shares on Thursdays or Fridays at 1-4pm. See how this works?


While Facebook is the most used social media platform, you can actually make more money per sale by using Instagram! While Facebook has an average of $55 per sale, Instagram can boast about $65 average sales from business posts. Instagram has seen the most growth in both 2014 and 2015 in all demographics; Over 50 million new users have registered for this platform in the last six months of 2015. This site is predominately female and 18-29 years old.  Mondays and Thursdays posts see the most engagement on this platform, with a slight dip between 3-4pm on all days. There is also dramatically less engagement on Sundays.


Twitter has seen a slight decrease in usage in 2015, but there are still 255 million active members. On Twitter, the 18-29 year demographic is the majority of users, with under 18 being the next largest demographic. Twitter is very close to being split 50/50 on gender accounts; so if your target audience is male, twitter is a great platform to reach them. A large majority of Twitter account holders post to Instagram and share directly to Twitter or post to Facebook and share directly to Twitter, instead of posting organically on the platform itself. Wednesday tweets tend to have the most interactions, especially between 12-3pm.


Did you know that by posting a price associated with a sales pin on Pinterest has a 36% higher chance of being reposted? Pinterest is dominated by Caucasian, college educated, suburban women. While the 18-29 year old range has the highest percentage of users, under 18 is only 1% behind and 30-49 is only 2% behind that! It’s a close race in the Pinterest world. Weekends and holidays tend to be the most active times on this social platform.

What to Post!

Now, you know who you want to as customers (task number one above), and you can see where those people are located in the world of social media. Plus, you know when the best time is to post for those target audience members. But, what should you post?

  1. Women want content that is useful
  2. Men want funny content
Don’t lose followers!

Want to know the quickest way to lose followers on all social platforms? The more you sell, the more you disconnect. People are on social media to make connections, not purchases. Remember there is an 80% rule that most marketers and social media gurus follow: 80% fun posts and 20% sells. If you constantly direct sell, your audience is likely to stop following you. But you can make your ‘fun’ posts soft sales, if you are a little creative.


How do you create content that sells, but in a more passive manner? In the past year, all social media sites have seen a tremendous increase in activity revolving around videos. In fact, one study states that videos are shared 1200% more than links and text combine. And consumers who viewed product videos are 85% more likely to purchase from that business, even when the video is not a direct hard sell.

If you are running a boot camp, film one of your participant’s testimonials to share on social media. Why? As you read above, consumers like videos; in fact, they like 15 second videos, so make it short enough to post on Instagram on Monday or Thursday. Plus, if you feature other people than yourself in your social media posts, those people tend to share that content as well, expanding your video’s reach. Just make sure your participant’s testimonial is about how wonderful he or she feels now that they have taken steps to a healthier life, not a call to action to join the boot camp itself. Share the experience, not the sell.

What else do people like to watch as video content? “Show and tell” style videos are highly shared on all platforms, so think about showing a vinyasa from your next yoga class or explain how to execute a better squat jump from a personal trainer view-point. Think about content that will spread the knowledge of your product or services, without using a pushy sales tactic.


Photos are the next highest content for engagement. In fact, photos have 104% higher rate of consumer comments than text alone. Consumers often retain 65% of the information the read in a photo post three days after the post, where as they only remember 10% of a text three days later. When sharing photos, remember that the photo content should still be educational, motivational, inspirational or just really pretty.

Check your selfie catalogue. Three in a row? Consumers start to ignore your posts, lessening your visibility in their feeds. Photos shouldn’t be about your ego, rather about your knowledge. Women unfollow or ignore posts from other women who are always scantily dressed; if your content is only ego driven, your audience will recognize that and you will become irrelevant to their lives as consumers.

Start Engaging!

Social media can be a huge asset to your life as a fitness professional. It can bring you more business, if used appropriately and effectively. It can also waste your time if you are posting the wrong content at the wrong time to the wrong audience. Start first with your dream clientele. Find out where those people are in the social media world. Now, create content they want to see and post it at times they are online the most. Be smart and have fun with this knowledge of social media.

P.S. Please don’t be the fit pro on Instagram taking all the naked workout selfies and constantly showing off your workout, that’s not the best use of social media.


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Social Media Tips for fitness professionals

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Jessica H. Maurer’s career consists of teaching in collegiate, corporate, and private venues as a certified ACE personal trainer and AFAA group fitness instructor for over 15 years. While her background is in dance, she has found her passion in fitness education, with a concentration in program development and social media. Jessica is the social media and online manager as well as a ghost-writer for several top and well-known fitness personalities. She has designed, created and implemented websites and blogs for large brands, private studios, and individuals. She is a Master Trainer for BOSU, Tabata Bootcamp, Lebert Training Systems, and Barre Above, as well as the co-creator of LOK Fitness, which won SCW Innovative Program of the Year and Up-Coming Presenter of the Year at California Mania 2016. Jessica was recently named Favorite Female Presenter at SCW Atlanta Mania 2017.

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Social Media Tips and Tricks for Fitness Professionals

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