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Networking for fitness professionals
Shannon Fable

Self-Promotion for Fitness Professionals that Doesn’t Rely on Social Media

Self-promotion isn’t all about social media. Here Shannon Fable shares three ‘offline’ self-promotion strategies that can (and WILL) make a difference. They don’t work overnight, but they form a solid foundation for your marketing strategy and should be exercised day in and day out for best results!

Benefits of strength training for mental health
Charlotte Dunn

5 Mental Health Benefits of Strength Training

Did you know lifting weights can improve your mental health? Check out these 5 research backed reasons why hitting the weights can help combat depression and anxiety.

Mac Carvalho Fitness Fashion - Leggings - post featured image
Mac Carvalho

Style 3-Ways: Leggings | Fitness & Fashion

Go from the gym to the office in style with this Style 3 Way: Leggings edition from Mac Carvalho. See how he takes one pair of (awesome) leggings and gives them 3 totally different looks with just a few simple changes.

How can I build my credibility as a fitness professional?
Shannon Fable

Credibility Builders in the Fitness Industry

What makes someone credible as a fitness professional? Education? Experience? Social Followers? This highly debated topic is rich and we’ll explore some ways to expand your credibility as a fit pro.

Summer N. Sides, M.S.

The Down and Dirty History of Barre Fitness

Barre fitness wasn’t always the swanky group fitness format it is today. Learn about Lottie Berk and the sexual undertones that started the barre trend.

Group fitness professionals can survive in a post covid-19 world without going digital.
Shannon Fable

Fit Pros: You Don’t Have to Go Digital!

Digital fitness is here to stay, but that doesn’t mean you have to make that your career path as a fitness professional. If you are best suited for the in-person experience and looking for ways to get back to it, here are three things to consider.

Extended side angle pose in yoga
Summer N. Sides, M.S.

What is CounterFlow Yoga? Where did it come from?

Get an inside look at how CounterFlow Yoga came to be, plus geek out a bit on the science behind the class (with a blend of exercise science, sport psychology, and yoga asana it’s a lot of fun!).

Reasons Why Yoga Is Great for Men with Back Pain
Daniel Singleton

The 8 Reasons Why Yoga Is Great for Men with Back Pain

Research has shown the benefits of yoga for back pain relief. Yet, many men are still reluctant to give it a chance. Hear from a guy why dudes should take the chance and try yoga for healing their pain.

Angela Yochum, MEd

6 Tips for a Successful Kids (Dance) Fitness Program

Let’s get our kids more active! Use these 6 tips from an educator and fitness professional to develop successful youth dance, fitness, or sports programs in schools, community centers, and gyms.

Summer N. Sides, M.S.

Class Themes: World Suicide Prevention Day 2019

In 2015 when a friend died from suicide, Summer Sides felt empowered to speak on the topic using her platform of fitness. Here she shares how a fitness class can be a strong platform to discuss mental health and suicide.

Summer N. Sides, M.S.

Playlist & Themes: Labor Day 2019

Here we honor Labor Day with a tribute to all working people through a fun Labor Day Playlists and theming ideas for your group fitness class.

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