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Summer Sides

Founder, GXunited Lecturer of Exercise Science, MSU Denver Summer Sides (MS, CSCS) is a self-proclaimed exercise science geek. She loves exploring human movement and finding ways to help people stand taller, move easier, and perform better. Her training methodology includes a mixture of movement pattern training, yoga philosophies, Pilates technique, and aerobic endurance training. Her fitness career began over 15 years ago and has provided her with some great opportunities to train athletes, create certifications and CEC courses, and teach group exercise classes. These days she focuses on fitness education as a full time Lecturer of Exercise Science at Metropolitan State University of Denver and the Founder of GXunited.

Education & Certifications MS: Kinesiology BS: Exercise & Sports Science BA: Dance NSCA: Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) ACSM: Certified Exercise Physiologist (EP-C) Yoga Alliance: 200-hr RYT ACE: Group Fitness Instructor Balanced Body: Reformer Level 1 Coach Schwinn: Indoor Cycle Instructor RRCA: Running Coach

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GXunited is New & Improved – Announcing our New Brand & Website

January 2019 The dreams and realizations of GXunited are getting bigger and bolder every year. This includes our brand identity (aka. what we look like) and our website (aka. everything we have to offer). And while we really loved our old website and look, we felt it was time for
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3 Tips for Motivating Small Group Fitness Classes

Whether it be the beauty of the outdoors or the craziness of the holiday season, inevitably there will be times when group fitness class attendance starts to dwindle. When this happens instructors start to question their skills or fear management cutting classes – because class sizes have always been the
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5 Benefits of Yoga for Cyclists

The practice of yoga is about balance, connection of the mind and body, and a sense of being present in the moment. This is achieved through various poses (asanas) and breathing exercises that will benefit indoor and outdoor cycling enthusiasts in their performance, mental focus, and in training plans. Sun
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BREAKING NEWS! Stages® Indoor Cycling is Announced as Les Mills New Global Bike Partner

On June 6, 2018 Les Mills and Stages Indoor Cycling released an announcement of a global partnership. With this, Stages Indoor Cycling will become the global bike partner for Les Mills programming. If you’re unfamiliar with Stages bikes, they have a revolutionary approach to gear changes and an exceptional computer monitor that
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23 Music Resources for Group Fitness Professionals

UPDATED: June 2018 Whether you are teaching Zumba, Cycling, Strength training, Kickboxing or Yoga, music is a vital part of any group fitness class. As instructors we are constantly searching for great new songs to add to our class playlists and motivate our participants to new levels. But as fit
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The Down and Dirty History of Barre Fitness

“It is true that everything worthwhile in life is worth working hard for, and surely it is worth a little hard work to achieve a super shapely body that works well, a body full of vitality that makes you feel happy to be alive.” -Lottie Berk Barre fitness is hot!
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25 Tips for Success as a Group Fitness Instructor from Team GXunited

Team GXunited is filled with some pretty amazing fit pros. Guys and gals who have dedicated their lives to mastering the art of exercise science, programming, and group exercise instruction. But you know what, they all started out as just ‘normal’ everyday people who wanted to inspire others through the
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Dance Research – Let’s Geek out on the Exercise Science!

Dancers are artistic athletes, creating expression and beauty through the use of their body.  This form of athleticism requires great amounts of strength, flexibility, balance, control, endurance, and aerobic stamina. Research has shown classical ballet dancers to work at intermittent levels of 80-94% of VO2max within classes, rehearsals, and during
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Foster a Growth Mindset in Your Group Fitness Classes

Our lives are simply an interconnected weave of unique stories that come together to shape our existence. For some, these stories are full of positive emotions and memories. For others their stories carry moments of darkness and despair. But everyone has stories; and often one’s ability in life comes down to
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Teaching Tip: Make Your Calendar Explode in Color!

As a fit pro you will inevitably teach at multiple locations. Your days will be filled with driving from one gym to another to engage and inspire new groups of people. This is AWESOME! However, it can get a little tricky, especially if you are subbing. And I should know.