Karyn Kattermann

Fitness Manager

Karyn has been in the industry for 30 years as an instructor, program manager, and Group ex Program Director. She has a firm realistic approach to management and an " in the trenches" approach to leadership.She has a direct, blunt style of teaching coaching and mentoring, combined with being a visionary, strategic thinker.

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Motivation vs. Discipline and the Onslaught of Burnout

Are you motivated or disciplined? Is one better than the other?
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No Longer Teaching? Are you Experiencing Grief or Depression?

Giving up teaching, whether short term or forever, can cause professional grief. Know the 7 stages and how to cope if you are ever unable to teach.

“I hope we make you challenge the status quo, rethink what you know, and discover new group fitness experiences”

-Summer Sides,
Founder of GXunited

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