Josh Crosby

Josh Crosby is a former professional ultra-endurance athlete, Ironman World Champion competitor and World Champion rower. As a fitness entrepreneur, he has transitioned to become a celebrated international presenter, program/product consultant and co-creator of group fitness programs Indo-Row and ShockWave launched into over 400 locations worldwide. His indoor rowing workout videos have been seen by over 1/2 million people. Josh is a key advisor to Orange Theory Fitness. He believes rowing is the ultimate cross-trainer and recently launched effective and motivating indoor rowing videos perfect for the beginner or seasoned athlete.

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Stay Injury Free in Group Fitness Classes

Injuries can impact the life of any fitness enthusiast or fit pro. Here Josh Crosby shares 3 tips learned from mature athletes on how to stay in the game.
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Let Go of the iPod and Train Your Mind!

While music is a key function in many group exercise classes, sometimes letting go on of the iPod and tuning into the body can be the best form of training.