Jeff Mcmullen

Fitness Educator & Trainer

Jeff McMullen has spent over 25 years as a professional in the fitness industry. A former collegiate cheerleader, regional aerobic champion, and national aerobic competitor, Jeff is the Group Fitness Manager for EQUINOX Fitness Union Street in San Francisco, CA.

In addition to creating his own signature classes, he has been featured in over 20 fitness DVD’s; is a contributing writer/blogger for American Fitness Magazine; IDEA Fitness Journal and GXunited. He is a master trainer for ActivMotion™, EQUINOX, TABATA Bootcamp™, Barre Above™, Jumpsport® Fitness, and a master course instructor for TRX®. In addition, he is Lululemon Ambassador alumnus; and has presented workshops, internationally, for SCW Fitness, DCAC, Fit Fest, CanFitPro and IDEA World conferences/conventions.

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We All Start Somewhere…The JeffFitnessPro Story

Have you ever wondered where your favorite fit pros got started? Take a look into the career and journey of Jeff McMullen, International Fitness Educator.

“I hope we make you challenge the status quo, rethink what you know, and discover new group fitness experiences”

-Summer Sides,
Founder of GXunited

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