Yoga is more than just poses. It’s everywhere.

CounterFlow Yoga is a dynamic yoga practice that will take you through a range of movement patterns, body positions, and mindset shifts.

Yoga is everywhere. 

✨ In the way you breathe

✨ The way you react

✨ The way you carry yourself. 

For years, I was a lackluster yogi. I would attend classes here and there. But never really found it to be “my thing”. 

Even after I started teaching it in 2003, it was always the “other” class on my schedule. 

But then life happened

I was no longer able to run and jump. 

My mind was a hot mess of anxiety and depression.

And I turned to yoga. 

I came to the practice with a different sense of appreciation. It wasn’t just about “getting a workout” or “stretching”, it was about finding a way to get my mind to calm and my body to relax. 

I discovered through breathwork, flowing movements, and mantras that I felt better. 

My mind was more calm. My body was less achy. 

Slowly, yoga became not something I got to do or had to do. But something I needed to do. 

Yoga is more than just poses. It's everywhere. 1

✨ It became my sense of calm. 

✨ My sense of reset. 

✨ My sense of connection. 

So today, I empower you, dear friend to do yoga

Whatever that means to you.

✨ Whether you find a 10-minute breathwork meditation
✨ A 30-minute dynamic yoga flow
✨ Or simply sit for 5-minutes in calm

Yoga isn’t about the poses. It’s about how it makes you feel.

So get out there and FEEL something today. Something that connects YOU with YOU.

And if you need a little inspiration to do that. Here’s one of my favorite CounterFlow Yoga classes filmed “Live from Lockdown” in 2020. It’s a true celebration of movement!

So I ask you again. What does yoga mean to you?

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