TOPLUS Eco Yoga Mat – Rainbow: A Review & Pictures

Summer N. Sides recently discovered the TOPLUS Eco Yoga Mat, check out her review of using the mat as a yoga teacher.

I’ve been on the hunt for a new yoga mat for some time now. My favorite mat has died, and sadly has been out of stock for months! Thus, I’ve been on the hunt for a new brand or model that will give me the same comfort and ease as my long-time favorite. 

In this hunt I came across Toplus, a newer yoga mat company out of Florida. I was excited to check out their mat and see if it would be the right fit for my yoga needs. I ordered the TOPLUS Eco Yoga Mat, Rainbow, and got to moving! 

Here is a quick review of my experience on the mat….



When I first landed on the Toplus website I found they had a couple different categories of yoga mats available (basic, professional, suede, kids) plus a selection of yoga accessories. There was a variety of colors, prints, and materials to choose from. The mats all had a modern and fun feel to them.

I opted for the TOPLUS Eco Yoga Mat – Rainbow, one from the “Basic Yoga Mat” line, because I liked the design and was looking for a mat with a bit more cushion than my current one (the floor in my studio is hard!). 

Website Description:

The newly upgraded eco yoga mat features a gravel texture sticky non-slip surface for excellent traction and superior grip and stylish design to keep you motivated and focused. Using a mixed color rainbow effect. Each yoga mat is different and fashionable. Let you have a unique yoga mat. You are unique, and your yoga mat is as special as you are.”


TOPLUS Eco Yoga Mat - Rainbow: A Review & Pictures 1

Price Point

These mats are a great deal, running between $30 to $65 dollars, with a current sale that discounts each mat even more. While it may seem crazy to spend $65 on a mat when you’re just starting out, a good yoga mat is like a good pair of shoes, and you definitely get what you pay for! And $65 isn’t that much when you look at other mats out there for upwards of $200. 

The TOPLUS Eco Yoga Mat, Rainbow came in at $29.99 (regularly $36.99), with flat rate shipping of $5.00 to my house in North Carolina.


Shipping & Packaging

The mat arrived in less than a week in a large box (which was slightly beat up, but we can blame the postal system for that, not Toplus). The mat was inside a plastic bag and looked to have been packed with care.


The “Touch Test”

The feel of a products material in my hand is important, which is why I always give something new a “Touch Test”. Before rolling it out or doing anything, I simply feel the texture of the material in my hands and determine if it’s something I would enjoy.

My first reaction to the rolled up Toplus mat was that it felt a bit sticky and thick (two good things in a yoga mat). When I unrolled it, I also noticed a nice cushion feel and was excited to practice on the mat.



The PVC (poly-vinyl chloride) material of the TOPLUS Eco Yoga Mat, Rainbow is my least favorite element of the mat. I tend to prefer a rubber mat as it seems to withstand time a bit better. That said, it does feel nice on my hands and feet, and they claim to be a higher quality PVC mat, so time will tell how this mat and the material withstands regular use. 



I am a stickler for a grippy yoga mat. The worst thing is sliding around when you’re in a downward dog or a hand balancing posture. The website claimed that the “upgraded yoga mat features a gravel texture sticky non-slip surface for excellent traction and superior grip and stylish design to keep you motivated and focused.”

This mat delivers on that promise. It has a great grip and I have not found myself slipping through a sweaty power yoga class!



The thickness of this mat is probably my favorite part of the product. It has a ¼ inch moderate thickness that provides just enough cushion that I don’t feel the super hard floor under me, but isn’t so much that I feel like I’m constantly sinking into the mat. 

As a kinesthetic learner, it was really great to feel the cushion under me the first time I practiced a balancing pose. When I pulled up with my smart toes I could feel myself really pull into the mat (I actually could feel my suction cup toes that I always talk about!). It was a feeling that everyone should experience!

Check out this “Foam Roller Flow” class over on GXunited.TV and hear me talk about how squishy and comfy the mat feels to me!


TOPLUS Eco Yoga Mat - Rainbow: A Review & Pictures 3

Smell & Grit

One of the challenges with new mats (especially rubber ones) is they often have a really bad “new mat smell”. The TOPLUS Eco Yoga Mat, Rainbow was no different, however, the smell was very mild and went away within a few days. 

I didn’t feel the need to do a major wash of the mat to remove the smell or get off any ‘grit’ from the mat (also a common situation with a new mat). While I did wash it down due to covid19, that’s a different situation!


The TOPLUS Eco Yoga Mat, Rainbow comes in at 3.53-pounds, which is a bit heavier than some of their other mats, but fairly light when it comes to yoga mats (my previous Jade Yoga mat weighed in around 7-pounds). 

I don’t mind a bit heavier of a mat if it means high quality support comes with that extra weight, so this was not a major concern for me. However, if you’re looking for a mat that you will carry with you throughout the day, it might be a little heavy to you. 


Carrying Strap

Each Toplus Yoga Mat comes with a carrying strap, which is a nice bonus feature. I personally have a few yoga mat bags that I love to carry, but if this is your first yoga mat and you don’t have extra accessories, this carrying strap is a great perk.

TOPLUS Eco Yoga Mat - Rainbow: A Review & Pictures 5


All Toplus Yoga Mats come with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee (for any reason). This is a great way to test out the mat but not feel committed if it simply isn’t for you.

Another great perk is the 12-month warranty guarantee on all mats. They will replace any mat that has a defect in quality during the 12-month warranty period. This is another great feature of the company. You can read their full warranty information on their website.

Overall Conclusion of Toplus Eco Yoga Mat

I enjoy practicing on my Toplus yoga mat and would recommend it to others! It’s a great low cost mat that is a bit higher in quality than a simple Target yoga mat. Plus they have some great design features that make them worth checking out! 

Check out Toplus and enjoy the feel of a new mat under your feet! (Use code SUMMERSIDES at checkout!). Disclaimer, this code is an affiliate link and your use of the code will give us at GXunited a TINY commission off of your purchase. This is a great help as a small business, so your support is appreciated.

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