Create more mindfulness in your day with these tools

Looking for tools to create accountability and mindfulness in your day. Look no further than these 3 great resources that host live and onDemand sessions.

If youre anything like me, then you know the power deep work, mindfulness, and creativity can have in your life.

You’ve read the books.

Subscribed toall the meditation and mindfulness apps.

You’ve blocked out times for deep work, creativity, movement, and mindfulness in your weekly schedule.

And yet, life happens and all the best intentions go out the window.

You find that week after week youre putting those times into the calendar, but you easily let other things take over those blocks.That’s right, you know youwantto do it, but it’s just not happening regularly.

Trust me, Im right there with you!

Even as a person with a Masters in Sport Psychology, a dedicated Yoga Teacher, and a complete personal development nerd, I still struggle to get it all in.

Yes, it’s true. I just said it. I’m a smart and intelligent person who knows the benefits of meditation, focused work sessions, and creativity and yet I sometimes let them slip to the side.

Just like all of us, I’m a constant work in progress and I continue to show up and search for the tools that will best help me succeed in being the mindful, creative, and confident person I am.

This is why Ilove finding new tools and programs that keep me accountable and on track. And even more why I’m stocked to share them with you!

That’s right, today Im sharing with you 3 platforms that Im absolutely loving right now.

Each of these amazing resources has helped me become a more mindful, present, and creative person.

I hope you take the time today to bring some mindfulness into your life.

3 Tools for Mindfulness & Accountability

Flown: This fun find lets you attend focused work sessions, mindfulness practices, and even guided meta walks to help you find focus and calm throughout your day. These are scheduled group meetings, so they hold you accountable to showing up! Plus they have a great library of resources for you to use at your own time.

If youre looking for some structured and scheduled breaks in your day, this is a great tool!

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GrowthDay: Ive been aGrowthDaymember since they first launched in 2021 and let me tell you what a difference it has made in my life! The weekly live sessions with a wide range of different personal development experts is so empowering and insightful. Plus, the app has a journal, a daily quickfire message, challenges, and so much more.

Every time I attend a session Im fired up to grow and become better, because as the Founder, Brendon Burchard says, every day is a great day to grow.

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Holstee: This one is super new to me and I havent done a ton with it yet. However, what Im loving is the monthly themed kits to help spark creativity and growth. There is a great community chat feature and monthly meetups to network and connect. 

As a person who loves to get crafty and reflect, its fun to have a kit sent to my house each month that will spark ideas and help me do just that.

If you’re looking for a great tool from a mission based company, this is the right pick for you!

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Life is about so much more than work, and these tools remind me of that daily. I hope they do the same for you.

Summer Sides, movement and mindset expert

Cheering us on together!


Note: These are affiliate links for sites I really love, so by clicking the link and signing up Im earning a small commission. So thank you for committing to your self-care and helping out a small business.

Oh, and if you want to add some mindful movement in, then enjoy the free classes Ive got up on YouTube.

Practice Mindful Movement Experiences in Nature with Summer Sides

Yoga from the Backyard was a collaboration effort to support the community throughout 2020. All classes are filmed outside and allow us to experience the beauty of nature and the great outdoors.

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