Do you embrace stillness or run from it? Your journey towards mindfulness

Have you ever thought about what stillness means to you? Do you resist it or do you embrace it? How does this impact you physically and mentally?

Stillness IS an Action


Wow! Take a moment to really let that sink in.

Stillness is an action…

Doesn’t it just send little goosebumps and chills all over your body? 

When the amazing Jenna Kutcher said these words on the GROWTHDAY program call today, I knew I had to share them with you.

Because 2020 hit us all really hard, and it’s time we reflect back on what the year gave us and begin to take action in being still. And being still often times means reflecting back on why we struggle with being still. 

Take a moment and ask yourself….

  • Do you feel the need to constantly be on the go?
  • Do you get stressed by sitting in stillness?
  • Do rest days and recovery time scare you?
  • Is meditation something that you would never consider?

If you said YES to all these, don’t fear…

…because you are not alone.

As fitness peps we often get so caught up in the action and the ‘go-go-go’ mentality that we forget to sit and be calm. We neglect taking time for self-care and recovery. We thrive on being busy and constantly on the go.

Yet stillness is it’s often exactly what we need.

Do you embrace stillness or run from it? Your journey towards mindfulness 1

Truth is…I relate all too well to this story of constant motion. 


Back in 2014 when I was first diagnosed with overtraining syndrome I was so resistant to STOPPING. I didn’t know who I was if I wasn’t teaching 20 classes a week and running 30-miles each week (I remember sitting in a staff meeting saying those exact words to my trainer friends). I was scared of slowing down. I was terrified about what that meant for myself, both personally and professionally.

By 2015 our friend had died from depression/suicide, I was barely able to function daily because of so many health issues, and I honestly didn’t like (or know) the person I was. I did anything I could to maintain that “high” feeling of just being “on” (including showing up to teach a group fitness class on crutches while spitting up blood — some may call that dedication, I call it rock bottom).

It was then that I realized it was time for some stillness.

While I had taught and taken yoga for many years, I never embraced the stillness….but in 2015 I knew I had to. And I’m forever grateful that I did. 

I no longer care about how many classes I teach each week, I’m okay with days of rest, and I’ve embraced that my journey is just part of the story of life.

And now I encourage you to ask yourself…

  • How do you embrace stillness? 
  • How do you allow it to be an action that moves you forward? 
  • Do you run from it or towards it? 
  • How can it be an action for growth?

I by no means have life figured out (who does), and I’m not an expert, but if you feel like you’re struggling and want to connect, let’s chat. I find that we heal through community, so feel free to email me or schedule a time to connect

We’re all in this together. Now let’s go embrace stillness.


PS. I highly encourage you to join the GrowthDay experience. It’s a year of self-growth and development from some of the world leaders in mindset and business. It just started and I can already tell that it’s going to make a huge difference on me in 2021. I was thrilled when I learned about it and hope that you join with me.

Please know that I share this affiliate link with you because I really love the program and platform. Your purchase will give a small commission to us here at GXunited (and cost you nothing extra), so I thank you for joining GrowthDay with me.

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