Life as a fit pro is amazing, but it can come with struggles and difficultus. The past 2-years has rocked our world, and the journey of being a fit pro became so much harder. So we want to know, what do you NEED right now? What will help you thrive as a fit pro? Take a few moments to give us your insights.

Time flies when you' a global health pandemic?!

I had a bit of an omg moment the other day when I realized I’m not quite sure where the past five years has gone (have we all just blocked out the past 2-years?!).

This shocked me, not because I’ve somehow displaced all the cool times we spent in the mountains of Colorado, but because it’s now been 20-years since I taught my first group fitness class!

Which means – it’s been almost 10-years since my journey with overtraining syndrome began.

All this got me thinking about what led me down that path of overtraining, and how now – as a I train for a 60-mile charity bike event – I can be sure that I don’t go back down that same path.

How are you doing? Really?!

Of course this got me thinking about you guys, the other awesome fit pros out there, and curious to know – how are you feeling, right now?

❓Are you thriving??
❓Are you struggling??
❓What do you need right now to help you be the best version of yourself?

I started to make my own guesses, based on how I’m feeling, but I thought – what better way to find out then to just ask you!

So that’s what I’m doing!

❓Asking you what you need right now.
❓How you’re feeling.
❓And what will help you thrive as a fit pro.

Have you just been going through the motions of life and forgotten to take the time to ask yourself these questions?

Are you so busy trying to be a fitpreneur that you kind of forgot about the joys of being a fit pro?

You're not alone!

I imagine however you’re feeling – You’re not alone.

So let’s hear it! How are you feeling?! Put it all out there in our super quick survey (below).

I don’t have a super strong plan for what your answers will tell me, but it’ll be interesting to see how we are all doing right now.

Happy Teaching!
🤓 Summer

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