How to Plan Themed Group Fitness Classes with the GXu T.H.E.M.E. Framework

Imagine your participants walking out of your next group fitness class not just sweaty and tired, but also inspired, uplifted, and deeply connected to the experience they just had. Your class wasn’t just any workout—it was a journey … an experience … a story brought to life through movement.

That’s the magic of themed fitness classes.

Whether you’re channeling the fierce determination of Olympic athletes or the whimsical adventure of a galaxy far, far away, themed classes turn ordinary workouts into extraordinary journeys.

Plan Using the GXu T.H.E.M.E. Framework

The GXu T.H.E.M.E. Framework is designed to help fitness professionals create engaging and cohesive themed fitness classes. By following these steps, you can elevate your classes and provide memorable experiences for your participants.

GXu T.H.E.M.E. Framework

  • T – Theme Selection: Choose a resonant theme.
  • H – Harmonize with Class Flow: Integrate the theme into your class structure.
  • E – Exercise Selection: Pick exercises that align with your theme.
  • M – Motivate: Use the theme to inspire and energize.
  • E – Enhance: Add music and decorations to enhance the theme.

Just like the GXu Remix Formula helps you create a base workout and remix it, the GXu T.H.E.M.E. Framework guides you in creating immersive, themed fitness classes. Both approaches emphasize clear goals, structured planning, and creativity to keep workouts fresh and engaging.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Themed Class

Creating a themed class can be a fun and rewarding process. With the GXu T.H.E.M.E. Framework, you can easily design and execute a themed class that captivates and motivates your participants. Here’s a detailed guide to get started.

Step 1: T – Theme Selection

❓What: Pick a central idea or concept that resonates with you and your participants.

💡Why: A well-chosen theme provides a focal point for the class, making it more engaging and memorable.

🛠️How: Start by reflecting on interests and upcoming events to find inspiration for your theme.

  • Reflect on what interests or excites you and your participants.
  • Look at your calendar for upcoming holidays or events.
  • Think about popular movies, TV shows, or books.
  • Find powerful quotes or song lyrics that resonate with you.

Step 2: H – Harmonize with Class Flow

❓What: Integrating your theme into the overall structure and flow of the class.

💡Why: A cohesive flow ensures the theme enhances the workout experience without overshadowing the exercises.

🛠️How: Create your class goal statement by identifying how the theme will connect with the class flow.

  • Decide on the type of class (e.g., yoga, cycle, strength).
  • Define the primary training focus (e.g., endurance, strength, flexibility).
  • Identify which muscle groups will be the focus.
  • Determine what equipment you will need.
  • Plan how to set the scene with a story, quote, or visualization exercise.
  • Use coaching cues and music to keep the theme alive during key moments.
  • Bring the theme full circle with final thoughts, reflections, or quotes.

Step 3: E – Exercise Selection

❓ What: Choosing exercises that align with your theme and structuring them effectively.

💡 Why: Themed exercises make the class more fun and engaging, while a clear structure ensures effectiveness.

🛠️ How: Select exercises that fit the theme, creatively naming and organizing them into an effective workout.

  • Choose exercises that naturally fit with the concept.
  • Rename standard exercises to reflect the theme.
  • Incorporate unique movements that enhance the experience.
  • Plan the drill pattern, sets, and reps.

Step 4: M – Motivate Through Coaching

❓ What: Using the theme to inspire and energize your participants throughout the class.

💡 Why: Themed coaching cues keep participants motivated and connected to the class.

🛠️ How: Integrate quotes, mantras, and themed phrases into your coaching.

  • Identify quotes, mantras, poems, or songs that connect with the theme.
  • Summarize the theme in one concise sentence.
  • Plan specific phrases for the opening, during movement, during pauses, and closing.

Step 5: E – Enhance

❓ What: Enhancing the theme with music, costumes, or decorations.

💡 Why: Extras can significantly enhance the atmosphere and impact of your class.

🛠️ How: Ensure the extras complement the theme without distracting from the workout.

  • Select songs that align with your theme and complement the workout phases.
  • Use simple decorations or props to reinforce the theme.
  • Chose outfits or costumes that bring the theme to life.

By following these steps, you can create themed classes that are engaging, meaningful, and memorable. Download the free GXu T.H.E.M.E. Framework Worksheet and plan your next themed class with ease!

Bring Your Next Group Fitness Class to Life!

Are you inspired to plan your next class around a theme, but not quite sure where to start? That’s why we created the GXu T.H.E.M.E. Framework – a simple guide for helping you create themed classes for purpose and focus.

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