Keep motivated with these 3 tips for avoiding instructor burnout.

Mindy Pedersen kicked off the summer discussing ways to maintain motivation in your classes, even as class numbers dwindle.  Now that summer is coming to a close, that motivation may be long gone.

Did you find that the past 3 months your participants have spent more time thinking more about beaches than barbells, cabanas than choreography and retreats than results.  Class numbers were low as participants went on vacation, class numbers dwindled and your motivation to teach drooped, if even unconsciously, as a result.

Though summer is certainly the perfect time for a break, it is also the time when instructors may experience burnout.  

If you find yourself hitting the snooze button too many times, texting or calling your director with lame excuses, showing up late, flustered and/or unprepared, you might be at risk for burnout.  Before your fire wanes too far, try some of the techniques below to renew your passion.

Find Your Niche

Are you teaching what you ARE BEST AT TEACHING and DO YOU LOVE IT?   Don’t be afraid to give up the formats you are teaching “for the money” that are not your niche or even close to your niche in favor of pursuing more work that is.

You will be exponentially happier in your wheelhouse and your participants will appreciate your expertise even more than they already do.

Check out these great tips for finding your niche from Jessica H. Maurer.

Make a Small Change

Maybe you already teach within your niche and what you really need is a fresh perspective.  Try any or all of these in your class:

  • Have the entire group face a different direction in class
  • Change your music
  • Ask someone to co-teach with you or switch time slots one time (if you teach the same format and your director agrees)
  • If at all possible go outside or to a different area (sport court, track, stairs) for some or all of the class

Make sure to check out our choreo exchange for new class ideas, and share your best for others to be inspired!

Take a vacation, stay-cation, or schedule a “sub trade”

If you can make it work, take a break- you may just need to recharge your batteries.  If you are unable to go somewhere just taking time away from your normal routine and spending time doing something else you enjoy can be just a refreshing as going somewhere.  If you cannot take time away, work out sub trade: a week where you teach for another instructor and they teach for you so that each of you gets a break from your normal routine.

Get ReMotivated!

Though you may sometimes experience lows in your classes, your passion for your craft and your willingness to share it changes people’s lives!  That fact alone makes the challenge of fanning your fitness fire well worth the effort.  Try some of the techniques above and let me know how they work for you. Keep Burning Brightly!

3 Tips to Avoid Burnout as a Fit Pro
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