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Go from the gym to the office in style with this Style 3 Way: Leggings edition from Mac Carvalho. See how he takes one pair of (awesome) leggings and gives them 3 totally different looks with just a few simple changes.
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Let's Talk Leggings!

If the coronavirus pandemic taught us anything, it’s that we got comfortable wearing comfortable fashion. If any item of clothing skyrocketed within the last year, the apparel of choice would be none other than leggings

Leggings they’re stretchy, flattering, and most importantly, they’re pants. For all the people who say leggings aren’t pants, why are they classified as bottoms then? If you put one foot in, then the other & they are on the lower half of your body, aren’t those just stretchy pants? Just saying.

However, leggings have the connotation of being strictly for attending fitness centers/boutique studios. When choosing a legging to style, you have to keep in mind what the fabric, style, and cut of the legging you are trying to style is. If the legging has a slick performance or what I call “a sheen”  feel/look to it, that may work for going to the gym, but not have as much versatility to style them in other ways. 

Style 3 Ways: Leggings!!!

Today, I’m showing you babes how you can do a style 3 way with one of my favorite pairs of black leggings; the Terez Black Cheetah Foil Leggings.

What’s a style 3 way? 

It’s my way of showing you how you can take an article of clothing & styling them in 3 different ways! So simple.

And you’re probably thinking, Mac, why black leggings? Listen, black leggings are a staple in any fitness professional’s wardrobe, but plain black leggings can be overused, overdone, and to be honest,  basic. I know that you are far from anything but basic so why not take a simple pair of black leggings and add a little spice!?

Why animal print? Animal print exploded in 2019, (seriously…I went to a TJ Maxx & was in shock & ahh on how many things could be with animal print!) and can be stylish if done correctly. I love showing off my wild side & I know you secretly do too.

Why did I choose these specific leggings?

  • These leggings are made from Terez’s signature uplift fabric which is a Nylon/Spandex blend, lightweight with high compression, super sleek & flattering.
  • They’re a Mid Rise but don’t you worry, these are comfortable & stay in place! Who wants to be walking around always having to adjust their pants? Not me.
  • If you’re someone who doesn’t love animal print and want to dip your toes into giving it a try, then these may be the best for you!
  • This pair range in sizes XXS to 3X.
  • They’re $100.00 bucks full retail price. I know, I know these are pricy and some of you may be balling on a budget, but if you’re looking to invest in one pair of black leggings with a cute subtle pattern, then these are 100% percent worth it! Plus, if you use code “mac15” at checkout on, I can save you some $ on these.

Now without further adieu, Let’s start with what my life consists of 24/7…being a hot sweaty mess 🥳 


If you don’t know, I have been a Group Fitness Professional for almost 10 years. When I first started, I remember seeing fitness influencers all over my feed and I remember that one of them would always mention “When you like what you’re wearing, you’ll work out harder”  and who doesn’t want to work out hard? So I put together this ensemble that I’m going to call Elle Woods but make it fitness.

Look 1: In Action

What Am I Wearing?

  • Hat: Lululemon
  • Cheetah Earrings: Kay Jewelers
  • Top: Athleta
  • Leggings: Terez
  • Knit Running Shoes: No Bull

Most of the physical activity that I do is high intensity, high energy & causes me to sweat buckets. So I need a cute set that will be great for performance but also look presentable when I have to run errands!

Mac Carvalho - Style 3 Ways, Fitness & Fashion - Sport

I went with the Vital Tank 2.0 Essence in the color Ballerina Gown from Athleta that’s incredibly soft & breathable that went perfectly with my Baby Pink Knit Runners that I recently purchased from No Bull!  I chose these light colors because it contrasts with black and adds a soft yet strong element to the outfit! Plus, they’re both super durable, breathable, and functional while I’m teaching my classes!

Next, I chose this white baseball cap from the infamous Lululemon. A white hat is another classic staple in any fitness instructors closet because:

  • Goes with anything
  • Prevents hair & sweat from getting in your face.
  • We more than likely didn’t wash our hair
  • We didn’t want to take the time to do our hair in the morning so a hat will suffice!

Functional while being fashionable never hurt anybody right?

Mac Carvalho - Style 3 Ways, Fitness & Fashion - Casual

Look 2: Out & About

What am I wearing?

  • Top: Lululemon
  • Leggings: Terez
  • Shoes: Adidas
Now let’s say you are off to run errands but want to look like you just drowned in a pool of your sweat? Do you want to be cozy at home binge-watching fit fashion hauls on YouTube? Going out to see people you haven’t seen in years? Then here’s outfit inspiration #2!

This T-Shirt I bought from Lululemon almost 4 years ago now in the “we made too much” section in Chicago, IL & was my first dabble into buying boogie activewear. I never wear it for fitness but I do love it for styling into my daily routine. 

First off, red is my favorite color & pairing red with gold accents on the shirt not only gives it some character but is classy & chic. Men’s workout clothes can sometimes be boring as hell so I appreciate the fact that Lululemon went bold & bright for the dudes!

Next, Adidas is one of my go-to’s for shoes. And when I saw these gold shoes from Foot Locker, I knew I needed to have them but didn’t want to pay 100+ bucks for them. Seriously! Why so expensive? One day, my partner was walking around the mall & spotted them for sale for 10 bucks! I mean, for Adidas shoes, that’s a freaking STEAL! So of course, we couldn’t pass them up!

And for accessories, I chose to add some gold lightning bolt earrings & a necklace to compliment the gold accent from my top & my shoes! I enjoy anything celestial so not only does it pull the casual look together, but it brings me joy & makes me feel confident!

If you want to add to the extra layer, a denim jacket goes great with this outfit!

Look 3: A Little Business Casual

What am I wearing?

  • Blazer: Torrid
  • Top: Alo Yoga
  • Leggings: Terez
  • Shoes: Shoe Department

From running to Target to running to an important business meeting, let’s talk about outfit #3.

Style 3-Ways: Leggings | Fitness & Fashion 1

I’ll be honest with you, I’m in a place in my life where I am in no need to be business casual. Nonetheless, having business casual items in your closet is essential for all you 9-5’ers out there! And to my fit pros who need some inspiration to go out on a job interview to teach at fitness facilities, I hope this provides you well.

This Blazer is a size 0 that’s the equivalent of a size 12. It’s the oversized look without looking sloppy! It’s slightly cropped to showcase your assets, have just enough room for the shoulders, and the color adds a little something extra to an all-black look. I call this look, Halloweentown Vibes.

If I told you that this top is sleeveless, would you believe me? Alo Yoga makes great basics and with this blazer, you wouldn’t be able to notice that I’m wearing a tank. A plain black or white tee would also look great with this outfit!

Now let’s talk about the shoes. I’m the type of person who is attracted to sparkles, glitter, and shiny things. So when noticed these dress shoes, I instantly needed them! Not because I just love fashion, but I love basics with a little pizzazz, and these will get you all the compliments…trust me on that one!

And this Hugo Boss bag holds your laptop and whatever do-dads you need to bring with you to rock your interview! Change of clothes? Snacks?  The possibilities are endless, just like these black cheetah leggings.

Mac Carvalho Fitness Fashion - Leggings - post featured image

Whether you rock your leggings at the gym, running your errands, or in your 9-5 office job, I hope this inspired you to not just rock your leggings in more ways than one! How else would you rock these leggings? What other articles of clothing should I do a style three-way on? 

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