Creating group fitness workouts with remixes!

What’s your favorite exercise? If you could only do one for the rest of your life, what would it be?

No seriously. Think about it. What would you do?

My husband doesn’t have favorites. If I ask him his favorite meal, color, movie, song, or drink he just shrugs, and says “it depends”.

And for 20-years, this answer has driven me crazy. 

I didn’t understand how he couldn’t have a favorite. We all have favorites.

What's your favorite exercise?

But then someone asked me that question – “What’s your favorite exercise? If you could only do one for the rest of your life, what would it be?”.

And all I could say in that moment was “it depends” …
✨ … are we talking about truly one exercise – like a squat or a bicep curl?
✨ … are we talking about one format – like yoga, cycling, or strength training?
✨ … are we talking about one piece of equipment – like a TRX or kettlebell?
✨ … are we talking about one style of workout – like endurance, strength, or power?

I couldn’t come up with an answer in that moment, because I like too many different things!
✨ Squats get my legs strong
✨ Yoga keeps my brain calm
✨ Kettlebells make me feel powerful
✨ and a long hike through the mountains makes me smile

I can’t pick just one – because everything I do right now, I do it with purpose. I do it for pleasure. And I do it because it’s what I want to do.

So yea, it really does depend!

Favorites in workout planning

But this got me thinking about planning workouts and how often I gravitate towards the same exercises and movement patterns over and over.

It’s rare you’ll leave a class of mine without doing squats, lunges, or push-ups.

But time and time again, I’m told how “different” every workout feels with me. That despite doing the same basic movements and exercises, people feel that it’s different.

And that’s what I realized I’m doing by developing a “Base Workout” as part of The GXu Remix Formula.

I’m selecting a few of my favorites, and then mixing it up by changing the order, the equipment, or the class format. The workout itself, it may be the exact same – but it feels different because of the small tweaks that I make to Remix the Base Workout.

The Power of Remixing Workouts

One time I created a Base Workout, and then remixed it to be used in a Pure Strength, Barre, Yoga, and Pilates class. They couldn’t have felt more different. But it was the exact same workout.

I just coached each different based on the format of class.

Too often as fit pros, we think we need to be uber creative. Bringing in crazy equipment. New moves. Or novel things. When all you need to do is create a Base Workout, and then mix it up.

Trust me, after years of burning myself out to create new and novel workouts each week, using this framework changed my life. It simplified all that I was doing and allowed me to not overthink, and instead have fun with my classes and my members.

Over the years I’ve crafted my methods into the framework you now have available to you for free in The GXu Remix Formula.

Because even if you can’t pick just one exercise as a favorite, you know you can build a great workout off of those top 10 favs!

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