5 Simple Steps to Establishing Credibility | Part 2

Build your credibility as a fitness professional by adding these 5 simple items to your professional bag.

Establishing Credibility in the Fitness Industry | Part Two

Credibility in the fitness industry is an often debated topic. In part one, I wrote about the trust equation and described this often overlooked attribute’s importance on our perceived credibility. Relationship, one ingredient discussed in the blog, is subjective, which can be maddening.

Simple tweaks to standard (yet, often overlooked) items you should have on hand can help stack the deck in your favor when it comes to increasing the degree to which a potential client thinks you are ‘there’ for them. And, to be clear, we’re not talking about adding more credentials to your resume or gaining more experience! Let’s take a look.

Email Address

Whether working for yourself or someone else, you will potentially communicate with clients and participants via email. The easiest way to enhance your professionalism and set the stage for immediate credibility is to use a professional email address. Yes, this means ditching AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, or similar and setting up a business email.

Business Cards

Even if you don’t think you will need them, you should have professional business cards on hand! Networking is the name of the game when growing your business. A business card is a simple way to demonstrate credibility and a quick and effective way to provide your contact information. It also can lead to reciprocation – you receiving someone else’s contact information to continue the conversation after the meeting is complete. Nope, we’re not talking about buying the perforated sheets to make them with your at-home copier. We’re suggesting looking at online printing services like to obtain quality cards.


Establish a home base online is crucial. Your social media presence does not count; you’re only renting space on Facebook, Instagram, or even Linked In! A simple website will do the trick. Equate a website to ‘hanging out your shingle’ to borrow a phrase from decades past. It shows you are serious and committed to what you’re doing; you’ve taken the time to ‘set up shop.’ Oh, bonus, a website usually means you’ll have your professional email address taken care of, too! Even a one to a three-page site can help clients and potential clients know more about you, what you offer, and how to begin working with you from afar.

Headshots and Photos

Headshots and branded photos are necessary for your website, social media accounts, and additional marketing opportunities. While iPhones have come a long way in the photography department, pictures taken with a mobile device are not what we’re after here! Invest in professional headshots if at all possible. And, if you can find a photographer that provides branding sessions (versus a photographer that only does family portraits), you will be sure to land images that help tell your story and connect with your target market.


Testimonials are another great way to build relationships from afar. When explicitly crafted to detail the benefits you provide and how you serve your intended target market, potential clients will have a better chance of beginning to believe you could be for them! Use testimonials to populate your website, on social media, and in marketing emails to help those you don’t know to get to know you.

Now you have a punch list of simple yet effective ways to enhance trust with those you want to serve. Which one will you get started on today?

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