Drumming fitness classes are one of the hottest fitness trends, allowing participant to get a full-body workout while feeling like a rockstar!

One of the hottest fitness trends right now is drumming fitness classes. Drum-based fitness classes allow the participant to get a full-body workout while allowing them to feel like a rockstar!

So what is drum fitness?

Drum fitness is a choreographed format where participants use drumsticks during the workout to target various areas of their body. This explanation may seem pretty wide open, but that’s because the format is! I’ve seen drum fitness classes use stability balls, yoga mats, and more. Drum fitness is typically a cardio-based class, but the class can also focus on toning and strength. The instructor chooses the intensity and decides how to format the flow of the class. Again, even though classes vary by branded-format the only thing needed to do a drum fitness class is a pair of drumsticks.

What are the benefits of drum fitness classes?

Like all forms of exercise, there are external and internal affects from doing drum fitness. Since most drum fitness classes are taught as a fusion of cardio, strength, toning and flexibility, a participant is able to get a full body workout in one single class. There are typically a lot of squats, lunges, and core movements throughout the class.

Obviously, there are a lot of arm movements used throughout the class. Most people don’t realize how sore they will be in the following days just from holding the drumsticks and moving throughout class. Some drum fitness classes (such as the branded program POUND) uses weighted drumsticks, which also boosts the intensity of the class.

Drum fitness works not only your body, but also your brain! It’s different than a typical cardio dance class because you are doing choreographed movements with your body while also doing synchronized movements with your hands. Think of it like learning to play an instrument while working out!

There have been many studies showing how playing the drums affects your mind positively and also increases alpha waves in the brain. Of course being able to pound hard on something also has the benefits of releasing stress and tension. Drumming can even be a source of therapy. People who suffer from trauma or who have high stress levels are often prescribed to drum therapy for support. The physical activity of drumming combined with the sound vibrations help reduce and release negative emotions and help encourage self-expression.

Education & Training

Are there certifications you can get to teach drum fitness?

Yes! There are several different training programs you can go through to get certified to teach a specific drum fitness format. Some of the biggest drum fitness brands are POUND, Drums Alive, and Drumfit. Each one is slightly different, but they are all rhythmically formatted and focus on combing cardio with toning movements.

While it may seem simple to add drumming into any class, it is important to go through a training program to learn how to properly utilize the drumsticks and fully understand the benefits of the program.

Final Thoughts

Drum fitness is a ton of fun! It combines music with dancing and movement, which makes it even better. I always encourage everyone to give it try even if they don’t feel “coordinated.” Since many of the movements are repeated using different variations throughout the class it’s easier to follow than a regular cardio dance format. This class can also be formatted to be low-impact, which allows participants to save on their joints and knees.


What is a Drumming Group Fitness Workout?

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