Fun Times at Aqua & Sports Camp

Dear Mom & Dad,

These past 10 days at swim and sports camp have been super awesome!  I was bummed on Memorial Day, not sure what the summer was going to be like, and getting a little bit of “summertime blues.”  But now that I’m here its been so much fun!

Swim Camp

I’m having a blast with my new friends getting to hang out in the pool, learning all types of different aqua class drills, and discovering what an “add on aqua class” is all about (it’s one of my new favorite things)!

One day we had this person come talk to us about the benefits of pregnant women working out in water.  It was kind of cool, nothing I had thought about before.

Muhammad Ali

I was really sad to learn about Muhammad Ali dying on Saturday (June 4th).  I may not have ever seen him fight, but just the name always stood out as one of the greatest athletes of all time.  We all got together and watched some fight clips and just read some of his best quotes.  It was fun.

Sports Camp

Swim camp wrapped up on Sunday, and I kicked into Sports camp on Monday.  This has been really tough!  We’ve had fun playing games (it’s been like being in recess again!), been challenged with some really crazy field workouts, a “grocery list” game (we had 2-minutes to do as many reps of all these crazy exercises), and a great partner workout.

My favorite thing this week was when the Coach talked to us about Active Dynamic Warm-Ups.  These are super intense and crazy 30-minute warm-ups that had us going through six different “movement preps”.  It was actually harder than the workout!  But boy did it get us warm and ready to go.  I loved it and can’t wait to do it before all my workouts.

They’ve also really been trying to teach us what it means to do different types of workouts to get ready for sports.  Some of these have been intervals, something called an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible), a circuit, and some super tough core workout on this crazy thing called a step360 and a stability ball.

Overall they haven’t really been talking to us much about science or research, more just having us try so many different types of workouts and understanding how they can make us better athletes.  It’s been fun, but boy am I tired!

Can I become a Certified Group Exercise Instructor?!?

OHHHH, wanted to tell you….some of the people here are certified group exercise instructors, and they have been telling me what it means to get certified.  It sounds like tons of fun, and something I would like to do!  They were giving tips on what to do after getting certified  and how to actually start teaching classes.  I’m definitely going to check out this great database of certifications they told me about over on

Camp Continues

I’m looking forward to heading off to Dance Camp tomorrow, even if I’m not sure I can shimmy or shake my booty like they are going to want me to do!

I’ll keep you updated, but make sure you are checking out all the awesome pics I’m posting on Instagram.

Love & Miss you guys,

Your adventurous and crazy daughter!

GXunited Aqua & Sports Camp Wrap-Up

“I hope we make you challenge the status quo, rethink what you know, and discover new group fitness experiences”

-Summer Sides,
Founder of GXunited

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Fun Times at Aqua & Sports Camp

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