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GXunited is an educational resource space geared towards the wonderful world of group fitness. But we’re different than your traditional educational platforms. You see, we’re not afraid to tell it like it is, fight the good fight, and stand up for what we believe in. Some say we’ve got a bit of an attitude problem…and maybe we do. But we feel we’ve just got an unshakable belief that things can be done better in the world of group fitness, so why not make it happen?!

We’re on a mission…

We’re on a mission…

…to break down the walls of traditional fitness education, eliminate the bullshit seen in the world of group fitness, and take group workouts to new heights – one exercise, one class, and one experience at a time.

Group Fitness: Demand Better. Give Better.

Our Story

Our Story

We first made our mark on the world in 2015 as a humble community-based resource space for group fitness instructors. We had one simple goal – to give group fit pros one central location to get all the resources they needed to be successful. We went in with a blind eye to the world of technology but came out alive, and with a solid foundation from which to grow.

Over time grow we did! We wondered. We changed. We explored. And we lived life. We may have lost some friends along the way, and that’s okay. Because we know those by our sides now are strong enough to challenge the status quo and crazy enough to be an agent of change and a force for good.

Today we no longer want to simply give resources, we’re here to fight for better group fitness experiences. We’re here to stand up for the instructor, the participant, and the studio owner who yearns for safe, effective, and purpose driven workout experiences. We’re here to demand higher respect, more pay, and higher levels of education for group fit pros.

But most importantly, we’re here for everyone – no matter what type of group workouts you love. Whether you’re an industry veteran, new to the world of teaching, or simply a front row fanatic, you belong here. We support all scientifically safe and purpose driven classes. And while we may knock things for their lack of science-backed information, we ultimately love that you are inspired through group fitness. Whatever type of group workout you get your sweat on to, it’s time you understand how to teach it better, do it better and live it better!

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the leading group fitness education provider and advocate for science based classes, instructor equality, and mindful movement.

Whew! That sounds lofty and huge (and a bit scary), but we know it can be done. With you by our side, we’ve got the power to make change in the world of group fitness. So…get out of your comfort zone, step up to the plate, and stand with us as we demand to be different.



We don’t back down to societal norms and pressures. And we always bring our authentic, real selves to the table; never hiding behind fear, convention, or traditional ways of thinking.

We’re sick of all the bullshit going on in the group fitness space, and we’re ready to pull back the curtains and take a stand. Why? Because injury sucks and wasting time isn’t an option.

We believe movement can be a vehicle for change. We embrace diversity and look to see beyond the preconceived notions about what fitness should look like. We’re empowered by individuals and communities who use the influence of movement to alter the traditional conversation.

We know that mindset matters. So, we’re going beyond just the physical, movement-based science, and digging into the world of sport psychology and behavior change. We’re here to discuss mental health and bring awareness to the fact that exercise addiction is a real thing, over-training can happen to anyone and get an understanding of how to manage stress, depression, and anxiety. (Don’t worry though, we’ll stay in our lane and let the psychologist and psychiatrist of the world do the heavy lifting in these areas.)

And while we know the importance of nutrition, we’re leaving that world to the Registered Dieticians out there, and sticking to what we know – exercise and movement science. Why? Because nutrition science is super complex and it’s not our area of greater interest.

Oh, and at the root of everything we say, think, and do is the knowledge that our beliefs are based in a solid understanding of exercise science and research-based practices. How do we know that? Well our Founder, Summer Sides has an MS in Kinesiology (fancy word for exercise science) and is a full-time Lecturer of Exercise Science in an accredited 4-year Bachelor of Science degree program (yup, she knows her shit!), so she brings that here to GXunited.

A Team of Contributors

A Team of Contributors

GXunited is…

the creative brain-child of Summer Sides, an industry veteran, professor of Exercise Science, and rebellious adventurer with an eye for change. But she isn’t alone in this adventure.

Her husband, Michael Griffith, brings his photography and marketing skills to the site. Plus, the site is filled with amazing articles from the best of the best in the group fitness industry, including program developers, master trainers, national presenters, and industry leaders.

Together let’s…

Together let’s…

Rethink fitness
Defy convention
Demand better
Challenge knowledge
Brave resistance
Be different

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