Our mission

empower & inspire
the next generation of group fitness*

*If you share movement experiences with other people, you’re doing group fitness

Our mission and pure love for group fitness is what pushes us to create the most comprehensive group fitness resource hub. 

By providing you research backed education and resources, we hope you’ll make the most informed decision about your shared movement experiences. We hope you’ll question things that seem unsafe and look at your instructor and certifications through a critical lens. Because it’s time we all DEMAND BETTER group fitness experiences.

Our mission is driven by 5 core beliefs

GXunited Core Beliefs - Injuries Suck

Yes, injuries suck – so let’s avoid them with a solid understand of exercise technique. We’ll show you the good, bad, and ugly of poor technique and help you do better. 

We’re here to break down exercise science in easy to understand chunks. We want to showcase the good and bad of some techniques so you can always be safe in your movement experiences. 

And while we want you to do movements that inspire you, we’re here to help you recognize if it’s the most safe and effective.

We’re going beyond just the physical, movement-based science, and digging into the world of mindfulness, mindset, sport psychology and behavior change. 

We’re here to discuss mental health and bring awareness to the fact that exercise addiction is a real thing, overtraining syndrome can happen to anyone and get an understanding of how to manage stress, depression, and anxiety.

GXunited Core Beliefs - Mindset Matters
GXunited Core Beliefs - Wasting Time isn't an option

We know how valuable your time is. So we want to help you use it most effectively.

Whether you’re searching for something about teaching or taking a class, we’re here for you! We’ve done the research, so stop searching Google and find all things group fitness here.

We believe movement can be a vehicle for change. We embrace diversity and look to see beyond the preconceived notions about what fitness should look like. We’re de-sexifying fitness (no sports bra clad or bikini wearing pics here). 

We’re empowered by individuals and communities who use the influence of movement to alter the traditional conversation. And we want to share their stories. 

GXunited Core Beliefs - Movement Can be a vehicle for change
GXunited Core Beliefs - Fitness is Fun

At the end of the day – group fitness should be fun and movement should be done for the pure sake of joy. So while we might stress the importance of science-backed movement, we’re happy if you’ve found a #groupfitstyle you love.

We hope you find what inspires you and you just keep moving.


Summer N. Sides, Headshot - Denver

I'm thrilled you found GXunited.

I hope we can be the source of inspiration you need to empower your group fitness experiences.

-Summer N. Sides, Founder GXunited

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Do you know a company or person that is doing an amazing job of celebrating diversity in the fitness space? We want to share their story. We want to honor companies big and small, so if you know an amazing local studio or person, share their story with us!
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