Group Fitness Education & Resources

Group Fitness Education & Resources

GXunited is the ULTIMATE group fitness educational resource hub.
In fact, you’ll find all things group fitness here.

We’re GXunited & we Dare to Be Different.

We’re GXunited

& we Dare to Be Different.


We’re not here to give you the same old ideas and insights around group fitness that you can find anywhere.

Our articles are here to change the conversation.

The education directory will uncover truths.

And our exploration into group fitness will challenge you to find new paths to fitness.


Explore GX Formats

Get an inside look at your favorite group fitness class format, or discover a new style. Our ever-growing library of articles will showcase your favorites and push you to try new things.

Check out all the world of group fitness has to offer!
Check out all the world of group fitness has to offer! 

THE GXunited Blog

THE GXunited Blog

   At GXunited…

We believe movement can be a vehicle for change.

We embrace diversity and look to see beyond the preconceived notions about what fitness should look like.

We’re empowered by individuals and communities who use the influence of movement to alter the traditional conversation.

We’re the creative brain-child of Summer Sides, an industry veteran, former professor of Exercise Science, mental health advocate, and rebellious adventurer with an eye for change. She’s got an unshakable belief that group fitness can be a vehicle for change, and brings that to GXunited.

We promise to deliver the highest quality instruction, tips, and programming in a way that you can put into practice immediately.

And most importantly, we promise to bring our authentic, real selves to the table, never hiding behind fear, convention, or traditional ways of thinking.


Join us as we explore the world of group fitness

ONE exercise.

ONE class.

ONE experience at a time.

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