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Jane Needs a Mentor – Tips for New Instructors

Meet “Jane”, a new group-fitness instructor. Read her story and consider what she needs to thrive in her new role.

Let Go of the iPod and Train Your Mind!

Your Mind, Not Your Body, is Your Greatest Asset. Train It. You’re at the gym—shorts on, running shoes laced up.

“What the Tuck” – Fix that Anatomy in Barre Fitness Classes

In my recent blog Let’s Challenge 3 Barre Fitness Class Misconceptions, I did not speak of the infamous “tuck” position

15 Tips from an Instructor’s Experience as a ClassPass Participant

In October 2016 Michael and I packed all our stuff into a POD and set off on an adventure. We

How to Coach Visual Learners: Motor & Mirror Neurons

You are watching a sporting event and you see one of the participants “roll” their ankle; you flinch with sympathy.

How to Use Different Cuing to Connect with Everyone in Your Room

When you walk into a group fitness class, what do you see? Beginners to athletes, males to females, experienced to