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Tips for Avoiding Group Exercise Instructor Nightmares

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Fit Pros: Understand How to Train Auditory Learners

As an experienced, top-notch Personal Trainer, Coach or Performance Specialist, you know your clients VERY well. You know their habits,

Push-Ups. An Essential Exercise for Any Workout

Push-ups. Some people dread the word while others want to do 100 the minute their hands hit the floor. Love

A Little Dance Choreography to Spice Up Interval Training

Perhaps you’ve already implemented all kinds of interval training into your classes in hopes of helping your participants achieve greater

7 Tips to Maximize Barre Fitness Workouts

As instructors and educators, we all want to help our students get the most out of every workout. Barre is

5 Strategies for Quick Class Planning for Fit Pros

Teaching group exercise class can be extremely time consuming. In addition to the hour you are leading your participants through their