How's life as a fit pro treating you right now?

No seriously, we want to know! Are you thriving, or just happy to make it through the day? 

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We know being a fit pro is awesome...

But is the life of constantly giving to others, pushing your body to extremes, and trading hours for dollars making you a bit exhausted, burnt out, and not sure where to go next?

We write and share stories that help fit pros become
inspired teachers and humans

We want you to thrive as a fit pro – so we’re giving you resources to save you time planning classes. But more importantly, we’re here to support you as you aim to avoid burnout, stay mentally sane, and keep your body healthy.

How are you feeling as a fit pro? Summer Sides

How’s life as a fit pro treating you?

Life as a fit pro is amazing, but it can come with struggles and difficultus. The past 2-years has rocked our world, and the journey of being a fit pro became so much harder. So we want to know, what do you NEED right now? What will help you thrive as a fit pro? Take a few moments to give us your insights.

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Need Inspiration for Your Classes?

Our goal is to make your lives just a little bit easier, which is why we’ve got a great collection of resources to help you plan classes and get inspired to teach.

Because you matter

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