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GXunited is an educational resource hub for fitness professionals. 

We’re on a mission to elevate the group fitness experience and get people to DEMAND BETTER group fitness experiences.

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Whether you love barre, cycle, kickboxing, yoga, bootcamp, or some other type of group fitness class, we’ve got info and resources to help you DEMAND BETTER for each and every class you teach or take. 

Check out these popular topics, explore the full library of articles, or submit your own idea for an article.

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Are you ready for the next level of GXunited? Below are just a few of the features we’ll be adding in 2020.

Education Directory

How to become a group fitness instructor

Search & discover 1000+ group fitness certifications/trainings from 300+ companies.

Group Fitness Formats Glossary

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Learn about the 30+ different styles of group fitness classes available in this comprehensive glossary.

Companies Directory

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Get to know the different companies offering group fitness education, mind/body trainings, and boutique studios.

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